How to Play Poker in a Casino affiliate

You can find many different ways to play poker without ever stepping into a casino. That first trip to a casino poker room can be an intimidating venture, however, no matter how much time you’ve put into online poker or home games.

Casino poker rooms operate with their own sets of standards, and the specifics of certain rules can vary at different casinos. If you know how standard etiquette works at a poker room, however, you can comfortably play at any casino.

If you’re pondering how to play poker in a casino, read on.

How to Play Poker in a Casino

Any session at a live poker room starts with a trip to the main counter. This is where you’ll either register for your tournament of choice, or get your name on the list for a cash game.

If you’re playing in a tournament, you’ll pay the tournament entry fee and receive a ticket. The ticket displays your table number and seat, and you just have to make sure you’re at that table and seat when the tournament begins.

For cash games, most poker rooms will offer a few different games to choose from. Most cash games run as No-Limit Texas Hold’em games at various stakes. Many poker rooms offer Pot-Limit Omaha and other poker variants as well.

To get into a game, simply tell the front counter staff which game you want to play.  If a seat is available, you’ll immediately be able to start playing.

If there isn’t an open seat right away, you’ll be put on the waitlist. When your seat becomes available, the staff will call your name, and you’ll be directed to your table.

Many poker rooms allow you to call in ahead of time and reserve a spot on the waitlist. Calling in holds your spot in the queue until you arrive. After calling in, you generally have 1-2 hours to show up and check-in at the poker room.

How Do I Buy Poker Chips at a Casino?

At some poker rooms, the front counter staff will ask how much in chips you want to buy. Most poker games have a minimum and maximum buy-in amount.

A $2/$3 No-Limit Hold’em cash game might feature a $40 minimum and $300 maximum buy-in. At any time during the game, you can “top up” and replenish your stack back up to the maximum buy-in.

To buy chips at the table, you can generally just put the cash on the table and tell the dealer you want to buy chips.

You can get up and leave the table at any time. Look for the cashier cage to convert your poker chips back to cash.

What is Casino Poker Room Etiquette?

A few things to note about general etiquette at a casino poker room:

Don’t act out of turn – This is often one of the toughest things to get used to if you’ve never played live poker. Pay attention to who’s turn it is at all times.

How to bet – You can either verbally declare a dollar amount you wish to bet or raise, or simply put the chips in the pot. Many casino poker tables have a betting line around the outside of the pot, so be sure to place all chips you want to wager over the betting line.

The one-chip rule – If you put a single chip of any denomination in the pot without verbally declaring “raise” or a specific bet amount, that counts as a call. For example, if a player in front of you raises to $10, and you put a $25 chip in the pot without declaring a raise, the dealer will count the action as a call. You’ll get $15 change back and your bet will stand as a call of $10.

Avoid string betting – If you don’t verbally declare a bet size, be sure to put all betting chips in the pot in one motion. For example, you can’t push $25 into the pot, then grab another $25 and put that in the pot in a second motion.

Don’t discuss hands at the table – Whether you’re in a hand or not, it’s best not to discuss a live hand while it’s still playing out. Note: Want to upgrade your poker skills? Get free preflop charts and start playing like a pro before the flop. Download now!

5 Pro Tips for Live Poker

The average live poker game is softer than its online counterpart. The barrier for entry is much lower and many recreational players overvalue their home game experience. Improving live casino poker play can be difficult but not impossible. Take a look at these 5 tips and learn how to play poker in a casino better.

For some players, online is the only form of poker they have ever known. Live casino poker is oftentimes out of their comfort zones, so they choose to miss out on the value of learning how to play poker in a casino better and taking advantage of the live poker games in their area.

If this sounds like you then don’t worry, Upswing Poker has your back with these 5 live poker lessons to teach you how to play poker in a casino better, specifically geared toward beginners.

Live Poker Tip #1: Night vs Day? Weekday vs Weekend?

First things first, at what time do you start playing? Most live games run until very late at night, even 24/7 in some areas like Las Vegas. Just imagine dealers and recreational players shifting in and out while the same two or three live poker pros stay seated, printing money between bathroom breaks.

Most live poker pros agree that the best time of day for live casino poker is at night, largely due to the:

  • Average age of the recreational players: The night attracts younger players who can be a lot more willing to gamble. After all, for them this casino trip is a casual, fun night out. If you’re lucky they will have just seen Rounders or a rerun of High Stakes Poker where Tom Dwan does one of his fancy, inadvisable bluffs.
  • Alcohol: The cause and the solution to all of life’s problems can be great for you, as long as it’s your opponent’s glass. At night you will find more recreational players willing to do a few shots before shoveling chips into the pot.
  • Gambling Atmosphere: Recreational players who play live poker at night don’t just do it for the love of the game. They want to tell their co-workers a story in the morning. If you’re smart you can give them both the story they want and ‘‘charge’’ accordingly.

While weekends are naturally the best time for live poker games, there is something to be said about late night weekday poker. Even though it lacks the sheer number of foot traffic going in and out of room, it often features something else entirely: a deadline.

Let me paint you a picture. It’s late at night on a weekday. You are, of course, playing live poker in a casino surrounded by recreational players. You have no plans in the morning, so you’ll stay as long as the game is good.

Your opponent, however, looks uncomfortable. He’s staring at his watch and asking the dealer to hurry up while sighing whenever he has to fold a hand preflop. You don’t have to be a mindreader to know that your opponent has to leave, as he is likely chasing his losses or trying to fulfil. his gambling fix.

You can take advantage of his exasperation by value betting more and more thinly. If he is chasing his losses, then he will not be in the folding mood. If he hasn’t gotten his fix just yet, folding will feel painful. He doesn’t want to have to drive home unfulfilled.

Poker Tip #2: Getting a Good Seat in a Live Poker Game

Now you know what time to play, but your hunt for the best game doesn’t end when you walk into the casino.

First you need to know what games are available. Most poker rooms these days have a large screen listing the games and the waiting list, while some smaller rooms may have a regularly updated whiteboard. You can also use the Bravo App to check what games are running before you even leave the house.

This guy is in for a bit of a drive

Examine the list and choose the game and stakes that best fit your skills and bankroll. If you have to wait, walk around the room and survey all of the games. Take a mental note which games look soft and which games look tough. It will come in handy later,

Once you’re in the game, it’s a good idea to buy some extra chips to keep in your pocket in case you need a reload. It’s much easier than having to call a chip runner over every time you lose a pot. Topping up regularly will increase any good players’ hourly revenue, so don’t overlook this tip.

Being friendly with casino staff can go a long way when it comes to getting you into the best possible games. A well-timed heads up from a friend can be the difference between sharing a table with the 2/5 version of Guy Laliberté or the 2/5 Doug Polk.

How to Play Poker in a Casino Tip #3: Changing Seats in Nitty Games.

Changing seats and switching games is something you will have to do almost every session if you want to maximize your profit. If you aren’t playing poker room musical chairs at least once per session, you probably aren’t changing seats enough.

OCP Musical Chairs by Artaxerxes, CC 3.0 edited from original

The best place to be when playing in a tight table is in a stealing position from the nittiest player. In other words, you want to be in the cutoff of on the button when the nitty player is in the big blind.

These players won’t defend their blinds unless they already have a strong hand, and you can increase your win rate a ton just by stealing the blinds as infrequently as once per hour. Even if they do eventually call, they will predictably play fit or fold post flop, thereby giving you a chance to continue your bluff or fold before it gets too expensive.

If there’s a loose maniac at your table, look to get a seat on his left so you can take advantage of his shenanigans. If you’re unfortunate enough to be on his right, play tight until you’re able to get that seat change.

Most casino poker rooms have a ‘‘seat change’’ button. Just ask for it to reserve your right to change seats once your desired position becomes available. You have to speak up before the seat you want is vacated, and the button exists to avoid arguments on who claimed which seat first. You can express your desire to change seats but it means nothing without the coveted button.

Always remember that in cash games players can leave the table whenever they want, so try to not make your reasons for changing too obvious. People understandably don’t want to feel hunted.

Live Poker Tip #4: How to Play Poker in a Casino: Tipping

How much to tip each pot is a longstanding discussion in the poker world. So much so that reading through poker forum threads about the subject can feel like a tired Seinfeld bit. Here are some factors to consider before you pull a George:

  • Your bottom line: Tipping is a cost of doing business in poker society, so find a number that is both comfortable for you and fair to the dealer. Recreational players tend to tip more than professionals because they’re less concerned with how it affects their overall profit.
  • The law of the land: Most people in the service industry, be it waiters, chip runners or dealers, make most of their money from tips. They usually get a minimum wage on top, but depending on your state, ‘‘tipping’’ minimum wage may be lower than what others make. With this in mind, be considerate and remember that these people need to eat and pay rent if they are to be good at their job.
  • Your reputation: As mentioned above, it pays to have friends in the poker world, and the best way to get on a casino staff’s good side is to be a good tipper. Obviously being a good tipper won’t give you better cards or any kind of unfair advantage in the game, but it can give you some great perks less generous players rarely see.

Here at Upswing Poker we find tipping $1 on most pots between $25 and $100 is sufficient. As the pots increase in size, feel free to tip slightly more. At the end of the day, it’s up to you how much you want to tip, as long as you do so. More on this in tip #5. 

Live Poker Tip #5: How to Play Poker in a Casino Poker Room Etiquette

There are live poker players out there who couldn’t care less about etiquette. They just do their thing and act however they want to with no regard for the opinion or feelings of others, be it casino staff or fellow players. Those players are known as ‘‘a**holes.” Here are some live poker etiquette tips to avoid becoming one of those.

  • Just in case it wasn’t clear enough, tip fairly. Do you really want to be the guy who wouldn’t pay the service provider a tip, knowing that s/he depends on it? If you answered yes, then don’t expect to make any of the many friends in casinos that other live poker pros would have (or to ever eat uncontaminated restaurant food, for that matter.)
  • Learn to stack chips. Stack them in a way that’s practical and so other players can figure out your chip count. No, you are not giving away valuable information by giving away your chip count, everybody at the table is supposed to know where s/he is, including you. Being disorganized with your chips just slows down the game and makes you look a bit foolish.
  • Don’t comment on a hand that’s being played if you are not in it. You are a player, not Norman Chad. Commenting on someone else’s hand may be seen as collusion and could possibly change the outcome of the hand. This happens every so often in the WSOP, EPT and other live poker tournaments, and it’s embarrassing to watch. So please, don’t joke about how others are playing, avoid narrating the action, don’t count others’ chips, avoid giving advice on what you would do, and don’t react when your folded hand would have flopped a monster.
  • Don’t tell bad beat stories at the table. Everybody has a million of them to tell, but nobody wants to hear them, usually not even the person telling them. One of the cardinal rules of how to play poker in a casino is to be aware that players want a fun, lively game and usually won’t leave if the game is good. So don’t torture them; it’s inhumane.
  • Don’t blame the dealer for the cards dealt. It’s embarrassing how prevalent this is. Poker is a game that rewards logical thinking, yet people blame dealers for their garbage hands or poor play. Yelling or even throwing things at the dealer is pretty much the worst thing you can do in live casino poker, short of cheating. You don’t want to look like a fool or bad person.

The Top 10 Strategies for Playing and Winning Baccarat affiliate

Baccarat has been a hit at the casino table for over 500 years and, in that time, a plethora of strategies have surfaced as ways to maximise the player’s time at the table. We have complied the top 10 Baccarat strategies that you can take to the table in 2022 and beyond.

Remember– As with any other casino strategies, there is no guarantee that any of the strategies listed will lead to wins 100% of the time. Utilising a strategy can give you a play style to focus your betting behaviour but no strategy is bulletproof.

How to Play Baccarat- A Quick Reminder

Before we get into the Baccarat play systems, here is a quick reminder of how a standard game of Baccarat is played:

  1. Choose your chip size and place your bets on Player, Banker, or Tie to win
  2. 2 cards are drawn to both the Player and the Banker and revealed
  3. The value of the two cards is combined up to a maximum value of 9 with the closest value winning
  4. If the value is over 9, then it resets to 0 and increases up to 9 again
  5. If the total value equals 5 or less, then a 3rd card is awarded and the value matched against the opponent

If you want a more extensive breakdown of how Baccarat works including the 3-card rule and how Banker/Player Pair bets are made and won, then check out How to Play Baccarat for all the top info on mastering the table casino classic.

Baccarat Bet Types

Here’s a little cheat sheet of the available Baccarat moves that you can use when applying your newfound strategies:

Bet TypePayoutDescription
Banker0.95:1Places a bet on the Banker hand to win
Player1:1Places a bet on the Player hand to win
Tie8:1Places a bet on both hands to be of equal value at the end of the round
Banker Pair11:1Places a bet on the Banker to win with the initial two cards awarded
Player Pair11:1Places a bet on the Player to win with the initial two cards awarded

Top 10 Baccarat Strategies

#1- The Baccarat Martingale

The Martingale is one of the most popular casino strategies worldwide and follows one all-important rule; every time you lose a round you double your bet value. The idea behind this strategy is that, when you win, it will offset the value of the lost rounds. Set yourself a betting style and stick to it religiously to follow this strategy. Upgrade the strategy by applying flexible min and max bet limits and keep within those limits to keep it manageable.

#2- Side with the Banker

Statistically, the Banker has a slightly higher chance of winning on any given round and awards a payout of 0.95:1 as opposed to the Player which awards 1:1. This strategy is pretty simple; bet on the Banker on every round. Despite the slight advantage over the Player space, there is no guarantee the Banker will win so stick to it for multiple rounds to maximise this strategy.

#3- Focus on Pair Bets

The Pair bets have the highest potential return on your initial bet with a payout of 11:1. This strategy focuses on making bets exclusively on Player Pair or Banker Pair bets to win. For every win, you will win 11x your bet value with each win offsetting the potential losses from non-winning rounds. Stick to one type of bet or alternate between them to spice up the action.

#4- Baccarat Fibonacci

Originally a strategy employed for Roulette, the Fibonacci can be modified to work with Baccarat. The strategy primarily focuses on Banker bets and follows a sequence of betting values on each round. Set yourself a minimum bet value and, whenever you win, move one step one the sequence. If you lose a round, return to the first step of the sequence and start again. The sequence to follow is:

1 – 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89 – 144 – 233 – 377 – 610 – 987

As an example:

  • You set a limit of £1 as your minimum bet
  • The sequence would go £1-£1-£2-£3-£5-£8 etc.
  • If you lose, start again with a £1 bet and repeat the sequence until the next losing hand

#5- The James Bond

It’s the secret agent’s favourite game and it would only be appropriate for there to be a strategy centered around the man who enjoys his martini shaken. You play each round at £200 and split it across 3 bets of:

  • £140 on a number Banker
  • £50 on a number Player
  • The other £10 on Tie

The James Bond strategy can be heavily modified so the values can be higher or lower depending on your budget. Set yourself a strict limit and don’t spend more than you would be comfortable with; as long as the values can be split similar to the above format.

#6- The 3 2 System

This system bases its strategy on placing 5 chips of equal value split across 2 different bets. For Baccarat, the split is between either the Banker and Banker Pair bets or the Player and Player Pair bets. Once decided, follow this sequence:

  • Place 3 chips on Banker/Player
  • Place the remaining 2 chips on Banker Pair/Player Pair
  • Repeat after each round and adjust chip values according to your budget

This strategy can be altered to alter between Player and Banker at different intervals of rounds or mix and match with Banker/Player and Banker Pair/Player Pair.

#7- The 1 3 2 6 System

This strategy follows a similar setup as the Fibonacci but increases the number of chips in play rather than the base bet value. Essentially, you set a chip size that becomes your base bet, and, after every winning round, you follow the pattern and add chips accordingly. The sequence goes 1,3,2,6 before resetting after 6 if another win is achieved.

As an example:

You set your base bet at £1

  • Stage 1 is played at 1 chip of £1 and if that wins you move onto stage 2
  • Stage 2 is played with 3 chips at £1 for a total of £3 and if that wins you move onto stage 3
  • Stage 3 is played with 2 chips at £1 for a total of £2 with a win moving onto stage 4
  • Stage 4 is played with 6 chips at £1 for a total of £6 with a win resetting the sequence back to stage 1

All bets played on this strategy should be focused on Player/Banker bets as they have the highest likelihood of winning over the riskier Tie or Player/Banker Pair bets.

#8- The Reverse Martingale

The Reverse Martingale is, as expected, very similar to the Martingale but with one distinct difference. Whenever you win a round, you double your bet value and decrease it on any losing round. Instead of using wins to offset losing values, the Reverse Martingale focuses on limiting the amount lost through lowering bets on losing rounds to limit the amount lost on each round.

#9- Side with the Player

A similar strategy to Side with the Banker but you place bets exclusively on the Player space. The Player has close to the same chance of winning as the Banker and pays a slightly higher amount at 1:1. There’s no guarantee of the Player winning on a given round so stick to it and alternate your bet values based on your limits.

#10- The Mix Up

Does what it says on the tin. This is a super flexible strategy with only one rule; don’t stick to just one bet type. Set yourself rules on the number of identical bets you plan to make and then, once you’ve hit that limit, alternate to a different bet until you’ve covered all 5 available bets. Once you’ve reached the end of the cycle, simply repeat. This allows you to get a chance with every bet type and never miss out on those all-important winning bets.

Top Tips for Baccarat Strategies

Practice makes perfect– As with anything, it takes time to learn and implement a strategy confidently so take your time and practice. Try out a variety of different strategies and play at low stakes to get a hang of how the different playstyles work.

Shop around– While sticking to 1 single strategy is the quickest way to pick it up, shopping around and trying out several different strategies can help you find the one that works best for you. Experiment with a variety of playstyles

Master your favourite– Once you’ve shopped around and tried a few strategies, find the one that works best for you and maximise it. Take the time to get comfortable with it and learn all you can to become a master. Lots of practice still applies here so find your strategy of choice and make it the primary focus for practising.

** Find the game for you**- Once you’ve shopped around for the best strategy for you, try it out on some Baccarat variations and find what works best for you. Whether you favour the simplicity of a 2-card Dragon Tiger, enjoy the fast-paced nature of Speed Baccarat, or just want that classic experience; try a few out and see what takes your fancy.

Set limits and stick to them– Set limits and stick to them to ensure you don’t spend more than you intended. If you need a hand with setting limits including deposit limits and sessions, check out our range of Safer Gambling Tools that can be applied in seconds.


Deep Insights: Dive more into affiliate advertising affiliate

Mini games are a very common marketing method for mobile games. As the advertising for mobile games has entered its late period, many game companies are faced with decreasing target users and a surging advertising cost, and have to resort to this “cunning” marketing method in order to acquire more new users.

There are many types of imaginative mini-game ad creatives in the mobile game market. The following is a brief summary of some brilliantly effective types of mini-game ad creatives recently provided by SocialPeta.

Ⅰ. Creatives featuring dog heads and line-drawing

Q4 2022 witnessed a boom of creatives of this type, and many games are still using such creatives that are characterized by catchy BGM and a failure in the end, tempting gamers to download the games.

Ⅱ. Creatives featuring pin-pulling puzzle

Pin-pulling puzzle in the early days was the main part of creatives for the hot match-3 games [Gardenscapes] and [Homescapes]. And [Pull Him Out], a game inspired by those creatives, achieved a lot of downloads. Now such creatives are the main marketing method of the SLG [Envoy], obtaining quite a lot of impressions thanks to their puzzle element and highly interactive effects.

Ⅲ. Creatives featuring stickmen and tower-climbing

Creatives of this type are popular among RPG advertisers, and battle tower-climbing creatives once helped the classic card RPG [Hero Wars] gross a surging revenue again. Now tower-climbing creatives are in a new form. Stickmen-and-tower-climbing creatives are a wonderful combination of battle and puzzle, highly expressive and very effective in stimulating gamers’ curiosity.

These are some of the most popular minegames creatives in the world. You’re welcome to leave a like or comment if you want to read more similar articles. Soon we will provide more summaries of mini-game advertising creatives.

The Value of Fun – A Deep Dive into In-Game Advertising

As a marketing strategy, mobile in-game advertising is experiencing rapid growth in popularity among brands. Seamlessly integrating advertisements into electronic games, in-game advertising provides a unique and fun way for brands to promote their products or services.

To effectively reach their intended audience and ROI, brands can benefit from integrating in-game advertising into their marketing mix. Casey Campbell, the Managing Director of Gameloft for Brands in North America, provided three key insights into how brands can intelligently leverage games to their advantage:

The essence of in-game advertising lies in crafting authentic and immersive experiences.

Ads should and can be fun. Opposed to traditional media, mobile in-game ads are non-intrusive and natively incorporated into the gameplay. Allowing players to have a positive and interactive experience with brands. Considering the current scenario, where we are bombarded with ads at all times, brands should strive to create ads that feel natural and fun rather than a disruptive interruption. At Gameloft, we are first and foremost a AAA game developer with a deep understanding of gaming mechanics and more than 20 years of delivering fun gamified experiences for brands. Our expertise enables brands to elevate their advertising game by offering ad units that reach and engage their desired target audience. And speaking of target audiences… 

In-game advertising can be targeted and personalized.

One of the key advantages of mobile in-game advertising is that it allows brands to target specific audiences based on their interests and behaviours. Campbell explains that by analyzing players’ data, brands can tailor their ads to specific demographics, locations, and interests. A process that can’t happen on the console. Mobile games offer a tactile and interactive experience that connects brands and players. Such interaction can lead to higher engagement, conversion rates and brand loyalty once players create a sentiment with the brand.

Measurable, measurable and measurable

Besides allowing brands to deliver unique messages crafted to players’ likes and preferences. In-game advertising can provide valuable insights for brands because in-game ads are measurable. Brands can gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of their campaigns. Campbell adds that by tracking metrics like clicks, conversions and replays, brands can collect results, measure and refine their targeting and messaging and, as a consequence, improve their ROI.

Casey concludes that in-game advertising is a compelling tool that empowers brands to authentically engage with their target audiences. In-game ads offer creative and enjoyable experiences, enabling players to interact with brands in a dynamic and interactive manner.  By following best practices and leveraging data, brands can create effective campaigns that drive great results. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, we are excited to be part of this story and thrilled to continue developing fun experiences in-game.


The Future of Gaming and Why You Should Care with affiliate affiliate

When you hear the word gaming, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it consoles? Like Playstation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch? Perhaps PC games? Or for those more in the know, maybe it’s Esports, with popular games such as Fortnite, Fifa, and League of Legends.

While that’s not a bad start, the truth is this list barely scratches the surface.

The industry – set to be worth in the region of $200.8bn by 2023 – is experimenting with cutting-edge technology and creating immersive experiences that go far beyond a traditional console. You could even say there’s a cultural shift underway.

In this 15 minute video our own Allie Whitefleet sits down with Phil Rowley, Head of Futures at OMG Futures to talk about how all of this impacts business.

But what does this mean in practice? What’s the technology that’s shaping this change? What’s driving such a huge jump in gaming? And, what we’re really interested in, what does this mean for brands?

Cloud Gaming

Let’s start with the structure and foundation making all of this possible. 

Now, while you might be yearning for us to jump into exciting new advances in Augmented Reality (AR) technology or the nuances of the Metaverse, you have to understand that none of this would be possible without the right infrastructure.

Thanks to cloud technology, people can play video games through the internet by streaming directly from data centres spread across the globe, all without needing to own a piece of hardware (aka a traditional games console).

This shift drastically reduces the price of entry, making gaming far more accessible to people across the world. This is one of the reasons we are seeing a large increase in the numbers of players from the Middle East, Africa, and Asia-PAC – the fastest-growing markets within the gaming industry.

How does cloud gaming work?

In most cases, players must purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to access their games from cloud service providers such as Steam or 

Once purchased, players simply open the downloaded app on their chosen device, select their game, and begin playing immediately thanks to everything running on remote servers. 

Cloud gaming services generally update their hardware on an ongoing basis, allowing players to access the latest releases and content immediately. Game save data is also stored in the cloud. Not only does this mean players don’t need to worry about losing game progress, but they can easily switch between devices and have immediate access to the same files.

Some of the further advantages of cloud gaming for players include:

  • Access to their games from anywhere, at any time.
  • Ability to buy or rent games on-demand.
  • Avoid regularly upgrading their hardware or purchasing physical copies of new games.
  • Enjoy unique features such as migrating across client computers while gaming, observe/participate in online tournaments, and share replays with friends. 

For game developers, some of the benefits include:

  • A reduction in porting and testing costs.
  • Higher profits by cutting out the middlemen (retailers). 
  • Access to a far higher number of potential gamers.
  • Protection from piracy – the software is never downloaded to client computers. 

How AR is Propelling Gaming

Yes… in the last few years VR (virtual reality) has revolutionised the gaming community with its incredible immersive experiences and promises of much more to come. But VR is far from the only technology that’s transforming the gaming space and how we knew it. AR (augmented reality) is a powerhouse in itself, and we better stay tuned in to understand the opportunities it affords.

What’s it like to take one of our programs?

The best thing is to try it yourself with these classes that are totally FREE! Sign up and experience being part of the business school that has challenged the traditional educational model.

How much do you know about business?

Tools, concepts, business methodologies… Find out with this test! (it won’t take you more than 3 minutes)

AR is all about combining virtual elements with the physical world – “the real world”. Because AR is available to anyone with a smartphone, so far AR is the most democratised immersive experience technology the world has seen yet. You don’t have to think beyond the interactive filters we use on social media to see its reach!

But what does this have to do with gaming? AR is making interactive mini-games with friends possible and bringing droves of new “gamers” to the table. Have you ever played a quick trivia or guessing game with an instagram filter? Or done one of snapchat’s many challenges with friends?

Future of Mobile Gaming

I’m gonna date myself… do you remember when you would spend hours playing snake? Yepp, that game that came preinstalled on your mobile phone where a “snake” would slide around the screen looking for “food” as it grew bigger and bigger. This is the type of game that opened the door to what we’re living today… not being tied to a stationary computer or gaming console to be able to play a digital game.

Today, and in big part due to the pandemic, mobile gaming generates 57% of worldwide video gaming revenue, according to Statista. From the palm of our hand, wherever we are with an internet connection, we can interact and play with any other user, anywhere else in the world. Alongside social media and ecommerce, mobile gaming is among the top three growing global trends.

Hyper-Casual Gaming

We can’t talk about mobile gaming without bringing Hyper-casual gaming into the fold. Games for the masses. Whether you’d define yourself this way or not, it’s highly likely that you too are a gamer! Or you’ve never played Candy Crush on the train home? Wordle before work?? If you’ve played these or any other simple online games (app based or not!) you’re a hyper-casual gamer.

These are simple games, oftentimes accessed via mobile apps or websites. Sometimes they have a social component (words with friends, anybody?), but that’s not a requirement. They’re often addictive. And they can even be educational or good for you! Countless studies cite the benefits of mind and memory games for reducing the risks and effects of Alzheimer’s.

And when it comes to branding and marketing opportunities… this is quite possible the ripest opportunity right now. The sheer number of players alone, and diversity of demographics that engage, make it worth your attention.


You might be surprised to learn that there are video game competitions happening out there all the time that are capable of filling a stadium full of fans as big as those for the World Cup. The most recent League of Legends World Championship reached 44 million 

concurrent viewers during the final. Out of this world, right??

Esports, or electronic sports, includes all of the organised competitions, tournaments, and leagues for different video games (Call of Duty, FIFA, Super Smash Brothers, to name a few). Esports, like “physical world” sports, have championships, professional players, teams, and you guessed it… sponsors, advertising deals, and massive branding opportunities.

Considering the staggering active audience numbers, it’s no wonder esports has become a magnet for sponsors and one of today’s most promising marketing channels.


Last and most certainly not least, the metaverse. The technology that’s slated to radically change the way we interact (with each other, the world, with media…). Ever since Zuckerberg made his public announcement to rename his parent company, it seems the Metaverse has broken the zeitgeist and bubbled up into dinner conversations everywhere.

Of course, Meta isn’t the only company that’s preparing for this impending shift in digital. Market leaders like Microsoft, Google, Apple, and Epic Games are hard at work building out their capabilities. The levels and types of interactions consumers will be able to have with brands in the metaverse is uncharted territory, but the possibilities are endless. Just as with previous growth spurts in this space, the metaverse is on pace to spread like wildfire, thanks to the enabling technologies we’ve already covered like cloud, increased internet coverage, and access to affordable portable devices.

Why Should Your Business Care?

What does any of this have to do with you and your (current or future!) business? Gaming sector growth is EXPLODING with no slowdown in sight. It’s estimated that in 2023 we’ll see it reach 3 billion people. Not only are the numbers attractive in and of themselves for the whole spectrum of advertising opportunities, but also the medium and how users are interacting makes this particularly interesting for companies. Remember that these users are actively engaged in the games, with the eyeballs “glued” to what’s happening there. What’s more, the medium allows for an incredible amount of creativity and diversity in ad type, branding initiative, marketing opportunities. As with any emerging space, we’re seeing so many innovative ways brands are inserting themselves into the gaming space and interacting with gamers. Do you want some examples? In this class with Phil Rowley, Head of Futures at OMG Futures we analyse the shift, the opportunity it represents, and talk about some recent examples of how companies are entering this space.

Every day, people around the world are sliding more and more into the ‘gaming’ space, some without even knowing it. As we advance toward an evermore connected and digital society, and get closer and closer to the ability to interact in the digital world exactly as we do in the physical one, the question for companies of whether to get involved becomes unavoidable. It’s just a matter of time before people are using these platforms to socialise, learn, exercise, explore, consume experiences, and work.


The Top Video Games Featuring Exciting Casino affiliate affiliate

Once a niche hobby, video games have exploded into a multibillion-dollar industry enjoyed by tens of millions of people. With so many games being played across the globe, it’s unsurprising that some of the world’s most popular video games offer players the chance to enjoy a variety of online slots and table games within their gameplay. There’s one downside though, you can’t bet or win any real money. You’ll have to join a licensed online casino to play real-money games. 

But if you’re looking for a casino sidequest built into your favorite video games, then check out the following video games that feature exciting casinos and mini-games for you to play.

The most popular video games with casino

As video game graphics become ultra-realistic, the worlds we explore when we play are starting to emulate the real world even more. So it makes sense that virtual video games would feature casinos with playable casino games. This unique feature is a fun way to incorporate multiple forms of gaming and entertainment into one gaming platform.

Could the future of gambling and video games be more connected than we think? Some people believe that casinos in the future will feature actual video games with complex world-building and deeper storylines to play for money. We can only wait in anticipation to see how the two industries will collide. Until then, here are a few video games that give you the best of both worlds. 

1. Grand Theft Auto Online Casino

Even if you don’t play video games, you might be familiar with Grand Theft Auto (GTA.) GTA is a game franchise developed by Rockstar Games that used to cause much controversy every time a new version was released. Grand Theft Auto V was launched in September 2013 and while some might consider it a dinosaur compared to some more modern games, that doesn’t mean people have put this game down in favor of newer experiences. In fact, the introduction of GTA Online a few weeks after the launch of the fifth GTA title has helped the franchise thrive even more. 

GTA Online is a persistent online world where players can complete exclusive online missions and try to get rich in the imaginary city of Los Santos. This includes the usual GTA gameplay, where players can get involved in heists, deal with rivals and all the general chaos and mayhem you’d expect from a game with a name like Grand Theft Auto.

For years, the game featured a casino that was closed to players. But everything changed in  2019 when the Diamond Casino & Resort officially opened its doors. Players were ecstatic when they realized the casino that was once a dead piece of real estate would now become an immersive in-game virtual casino.

The mini casino games players can try at the Diamond Casino include blackjack, roulette, slots based on TV shows from the video game, three-card poker and even horse race betting at the Inside Track. The Diamond Casino even has a VIP membership that gives members access to bonus perks like a limo service, penthouse apartments and VIP lounges. GTA V’s dedication to creating a realistic casino experience makes it one of the best casino video games to play.   

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The team at Rockstar Games just loves to make immersive video games with gambling, so they took multiple places on our list. After all, the mega-developer has earned its status as one of the best innovators in the industry. 

Unlike GTA Online, San Andreas features multiple casinos that are only available in the single-player campaign. The game was released in 2004 and, apart from the usual hype that the series was known for, it got a bit more attention than usual because it featured a character voiced by Hollywood’s Samuel L. Jackson. 

GTA: San Andreas tells the story of CJ, a former member of the Grove Street Families gang, who left to seek a better life in Liberty City (the setting for GTA III) but returned to San Andreas after the death of his mother in a drive-by shooting. During the game, players have to deal with other gangs, crooked cops and government agents involved in shady dealings in San Andreas.

In the virtual world of San Andreas, players can enjoy playing casino games at one of three casinos in Las Venturas, the third city in the game. Even though there are more than 10 casinos that you can visit, only three of them are accessible: Caligula’s Palace, Casino Floor and the Four Dragons Casino. Players can enjoy blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker and even Wheel of Fortune at one of these three virtual establishments. 

In the same way that you would craft a gambling strategy in the real world, you can build and improve your gambling skills in San Andreas too. The more you gamble in the game, the higher the chance of winning a prize in the casino. 

3. The Red Dead Redemption Series and Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games isn’t only well-known for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The developer also produced the incredibly popular Red Dead Redemption series, which sees you taking on the role of a cowboy or outlaw in the Wild West. 

Red Dead Redemption 1 tells the story of John Marston, a former outlaw who’s coerced into bringing his old gang to justice. The sequel is actually a prequel that sees you taking on the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang that Marston takes down in the original game. The Online edition, meanwhile, is set in the world of the second game and offers everything you loved about the sequel in an online world.

Due to the setting and time period of the Red Dead Redemption games, players technically play in saloons rather than casinos. Some of the classic gambling games you can enjoy in Red Dead Redemption 1 are blackjack, arm wrestling betting, five-finger filet, horseshoes and poker. The second installment added dominos to the list. Red Dead Online currently only has poker, but the game could expand and offer more casino games in the future.   

4. Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series was originally a role-playing game with strong strategic elements, but the video games evolved into a first-person role-playing experience. Set in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear fallout, the last human survivors seek shelter from radiation and deadly mutants in underground bunkers called Vaults. In Fallout: New Vegas, you play a male character called the Courier, who is robbed and left for dead. After recovering from his wounds, he must retrieve the package he was hired to deliver.

It turns out that there’s always room for casino entertainment even in a dystopian world riddled by nuclear warfare. Fallout: New Vegas has seven gambling locations, including the Atomic Wrangler casino, Sierra Madre Casino and the Ultra-Luxe casino and resort. If you manage to escape the deadly mutants and find a casino, you can play blackjack, horseshoes, roulette and slots. You can also learn something new and play Caravan, a fictitious card game created by Obsidian Entertainment for the Fallout games. 

5. The Sims 3

The Sims series is the ultimate simulation game. In this fun “life simulator” you’ll create your own virtual avatar and help them succeed (or fail) at life. The game is a breath of fresh air for people who are looking for something a little more grounded compared to other fantasy, adventure or action-packed video games. 

Since its launch in February 2000, the franchise has sold millions of copies around the world, with the most recent version being The Sims Mobile, a free-to-play game for mobile devices. However, we’ll be going back to the third edition of the series, aptly named The Sims 3.

In the third Sims title, players could buy add-ons to the game through the game’s store. One of these extra features was the Lucky Simoleon Casino. The introduction of the casino allowed your sims to level up gambling as one of their skills, which allowed for big wins when combined with the Lucky trait in the game.

If you decide to purchase and visit the Lucky Simoleon Casino add-on, you can enjoy Hit ‘em Harder blackjack, Dead Man’s Hand poker, Let It Ride roulette and the Triple Riches Slots O’ Jackpot slot game. Even though Sims 3 is technically a video game with gambling features, casino fans should note that you can’t actually play any of the games. You can build your sims skills and potentially win them prizes, but you can’t control the game or set any bets. Luckily, the best online casinos with real casino games are just a click away. 

6. Watch Dogs

There is plenty of action, adventure and thrills in Watch Dogs. The game features real-life cities that have been fictionalized for your gameplay and the hackable components let you customize your experience. 

In Watch Dogs, the main character is involved with some criminal masterminds, which means you’ll have to fight corrupt bosses, companies and leaders. Whenever you want to take a break from the main quest, there’s some thrilling poker action with detailed poker tables. The mini-games have add-ons such as poker and roulette. The imaginative and captivating interface will make you feel as though you’re playing at a real online casino. 

Gambling video games are proof that casino games were made for online and virtual platforms. If you love the mini casino games in these video games, then you’ll absolutely love getting a complete casino experience on your mobile devices. 

Play casino games for real money at Borgata Online

Why play for peanuts when you can play for real money? When you’re done gambling in virtual worlds for virtual money, you should visit a real-money online casino like Borgata Online. Our online casino delivers the thrill of real wagers with a huge selection of games to explore. Our catalog has thousands of slots, live dealer table games, bingo and more. Register at affiliateOnline to join in the excitement of real money bets!


The Main Goal of Online Casino

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Real money play – With real money play, you make a deposit and then use your money to play games. When playing this type of game, it’s best to set a budget and stick to it. Some of the games you can play for real money are roulette, blackjack, slots, and video poker.

When you play with real money, you have the chance to win jackpot prizes from slot machines as well as cash from table game bets. You can either build a bankroll and use it to play more games, or you can cash out and spend your winnings however you want. We suggest taking a look at our poker online reviews if you are looking to play some immersive live casino games.

Free play – With free play, you are playing an online casino game with play credits. You will not receive cash prizes, but you will be able to experience the game in its original state.

Players frequently use free play to try out new table games, such as craps or roulette. By playing the game for free, you can learn how the game works before betting real money, thereby removing the initial risk. However, keep in mind that if you do not use real money, you will not be able to win cash.

Your main goal of betting will determine which to go for, either the real money play if you are willing to earn some funds or free play if you are only trying out new games. Make sure to check out our online casino reviews for the best online casino for real money.


Our online casino reviews are thorough. Our evaluation process is comprehensive, and we provide you with up-to-date information on US gambling sites. Our goal is to make it simple for you to make an informed decision.

The ultimate goal is for players to have a good time while gambling. Sign up, deposit, and play games with confidence at any of our reviewed best online casinos.

Choose and Register Online Casino

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Deposit money

After choosing an online casino from those recommended on our site, you will need to register with it. Opening a player account is as simple as it gets. It consists of registering your personal information: name, surname, gender, date of birth, telephone number, home address, etc. Make sure you provide information that you can confirm with supporting documents.

The process is as simple as it gets.

Once all your details have been sent to the casino, you will be considered a full member, and will therefore be able to access the cashier section to make transactions, in this case money deposits. This type of transaction will allow you to fund your player account in order to be able to place bets on the Casino game.

For deposits, online casinos provide their customers with a wide range of payment methods including bank cards, e-wallets, prepaid tickets, etc. Choose the deposit method that suits you best, enter your details and then proceed with the transaction.

Please note that this is not a deposit method.

Earn money

Depositing money at online casinos is a near-instantaneous transaction, which means you’ll be able to start placing bets and winning money almost as soon as you make the deposit. Once your casino account is topped up, go to the game library to select the Mines title. You’ll find it in the mini-games section or by using the search tool.

The game will be played in the casino.

Launch the game, and the betting interface will appear after only a few seconds. Place a bet by choosing from the predefined values displayed (€1, €3, €5, etc.) or by using the ‘-‘ and ‘+’ buttons. Now you are ready to click on the grid boxes and start getting payouts. In the next few lines, we will explain in more detail how the Mines mini-game actually works.

Features to Expect from Slots Bonus

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Slots are easily instant attention-grabbers, and this is so not only because of the increased winning opportunities they offer but also owing to their special features. The presence of the reel modifying mechanic, however, should not leave players thinking that such slots are without frills and offer nothing in the bonus department.

In terms of bonus features, slots are in no way different from regular slots, as in either case, players can benefit nearly from the same array of added extras.

Free Spins

The Buy Bonus Feature

Wild Win Multipliers

Cascading Reels

Mystery Bonus Feature

Jackpot Slots Which Are Better

While learning the nuts and bolts of slots, some reels spinners start asking themselves whether such games outperform titles that go tied with progressive jackpot prizes. It is hard to provide an answer to this question, simply because both types of slots have their own appeal.

When slots are concerned, the winnings players can potentially come by can turn out to be quite handsome, but the amount they can walk away with always has a ceiling. This is not so with progressive jackpot slots in which the offered prizes escalate with every passing minute, and this will go on until a lucky player collects the jackpot amount.

Welcome Bonuses Pros and Cons

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Welcome bonus special invitation offered by online casinos for all the new gamblers. It is also known as the first deposit bonus. The main reason for these bonuses is to attract new players to grow the casino, amongst the stiff competition of other online casinos.

It would not be wrong to say that the free welcome bonus casino is one of the largest and most popular bonuses. The offer lets the gamblers play longer and let them avail the best opportunities to win.

Pros Of Using Welcome Bonus

  1. Nowadays, casino welcome bonus uk is most common and popular among players. These rewards are a valuable way to test out different casinos before selecting the best one.
  2. These offers are an excellent way to maximize the winning chances and a perfect opportunity to win the awards, just as you sign up at a gambling site.
  3. And, the most crucial benefit is risk-free winnings.
  4. It is a safe way to play even if you lose with a real cash deposit.
  5. It is free extended gameplay.

Cons Of Using Welcome Bonus

  1. Wagering requirements are one of the main downsides of welcome bonus casino online. It means you have to wager your rewards a certain number of times before withdrawing your winnings.
  2. It has time restrictions.
  3. Not for all games.

Finding the Most Suitable Welcome Bonus Casino

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Even seasoned gamblers understand that the choice of online casinos based on a welcome award can turn into a real nightmare. The fact is that the list of gambling platforms looks endless. Moreover, welcome casino bonuses in $2 deposit casino may contain various tricks of using the award.

Therefore, even skilled users do not go at a great lick to get a particular prize. In this case, the unspoken rule says that reading the small print can help you with the promo offer`s most essential nuances.

The following indicators are critical when analyzing a welcome award:

  • Longevity.
  • Minimum and maximum limits.
  • Wagering requirements.
  • The method of account recharging.

After you complete the choice of online casinos, you need to study these parameters to the smallest detail. It is the only way to consider the reward and do not miss the most important nuances.

Pro players recommend paying particular attention to wagering requirements (WRs). If you see that the operator offers x50, x60, or x70 WRs, it is better not to choose such bonuses. Even experienced users with extensive gaming experience are not always able to meet these conditions. Therefore, it is better to be realistic and honestly assess your strengths before clicking on the “Register/Sign Up” button and reloading an account to receive welcome casino bonuses.