Bets Covered by Mines Games Casino

Bets Covered by Mines Games Casino

Before we proceed any further, we would like to point out that the two rules in question apply to certain outside bets only. La Partage and En Prison cover even-money wagers that pay at odds of 1 to 1 and lose to the green zero, which gives the house its edge in roulette.

While dozens and columns also belong to the category of outside bets, they are beyond the scope of the two favorable rules. Players can take advantage of the latter when betting on:

1. Red or Black Bet

Red or Black – the bet includes either 18 red numbers or 18 black numbers and loses when the ball lands on the green zero.

2. Even or Odd Bet

Even or Odd – the player bets either on numbers completely divisible by two or on numbers that are not divisible by two. The zero is neither odd nor even in roulette.

3. Low or High Bet

Low or High – the wager covers either all low numbers (1 through 18) or all high numbers (19 through 36).

Even-money wagers comprise only a small portion of the bet types available to roulette players. If you are new to the game, you can learn more about the different betting options it offers in our guide to roulette bets.

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