Bonus Buy Feature in Online Mines Games Slots – Should You Use It or Not

Bonus Buy Feature in Online Mines Games Slots – Should You Use It or Not

Free spins and bonus games provide players with the opportunity to score some of the largest wins in any online slot game. These special features either trigger randomly or require a specific symbol combination to unlock. Getting there can be quite frustrating, however. Often players must go through a hundred or more spins until they finally trigger the coveted bonus.

But what if we told you that instead of spinning on and on and praying to the reel gods, you could jump straight into the bonus action? This is now possible thanks to the arrival of bonus buy games, a new breed of online slots where players have the option to buy their way right into the special features instead of waiting to trigger them manually. The question is should you take advantage of the bonus buy functionality, and if yes, is it really as lucrative as it sounds.

The Mechanics of the Bonus Buy Feature

Bonus buy slots work exactly like regular online slots, the only difference being players can pay for their bonus round entry rather than spin the reels over and over again in hopes of triggering it manually. And let’s be honest here, bonus games are what all reel spinners hope to hit when playing online slots.

 Bonus Triggering Criteria in Regular Slots

 Feature Triggering in Bonus Buy Slots

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