Countable Baccarat Side Bets Online Mines Games Casino

Countable Baccarat Side Bets Online Mines Games Casino

Most people associate card counting with blackjack, which is understandable considering savvy gamblers have been using this technique to beat the game of twenty-one for over half a century. Blackjack is hardly the only casino game susceptible to this form of advantage play, however.

Baccarat is also countable but most gamblers are either unaware of this or consider counting the game a waste of time because it yields a shockingly low value when applied to the two base wagers (Player and Banker).

On the positive side of things, baccarat offers a proliferation of exploitable side bets that can produce better results in terms of long-term profits. But before we get there, let’s examine what makes baccarat susceptible to advantage play and what are the prerequisites for counting baccarat side wagers.

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