Crypto Betting Sites in Mines Games Casino

Crypto Betting Sites in Mines Games Casino

Our reviews of crypto betting sites will always put your online safety first. This is why we are always brutally honest if a betting site doesn’t treat your security seriously enough. Here are just five things that we’d hope to see in every crypto betting site that we review:

SSL-level encryption We’d expect each crypto betting site to have a minimum 128-bit SSL encryption. This basically means that all of the data that passes between your browser and the betting site is completely scrambled and unreadable by anyone else. We look at SSL encryption when we review all online betting sites and not only crypto sites, as it provides a layer of safety for any sensitive information and transactions.

Secure wallet technology You should feel confident in making deposits from your crypto wallet to the betting site. Crypto deposits and withdrawals are automatically more secure than, for example, using your credit card. However, we always like to see reassurances about how the betting site keeps any deposits made separate from its own finances and protected by all of the relevant firewall technology. Some online crypto casinos, including Bitcoin casinos, provide a section similar to FAQs or terms and conditions dedicated to explaining payment safety and secure wallet technology to customers, which always makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Responsive customer support It’s always nice to know that you are being taken care of at a crypto betting site. This is why we look for 24/7 customer support that you can access via live chat, email, or telephone. Perfect for getting help should that crypto deposit not go through. Something else we find very useful for customers is a comprehensive FAQ section where they can look up general queries. This lightens the load on customer support while simultaneously providing a handy, go-to area for new and experienced customers on crypto betting sites. Clear terms and conditions Just because it’s a crypto betting site doesn’t mean that it can afford to hide how it operates. This is why we always like to see clear terms and conditions that cover everything from how the bonuses work to how the actual betting site operates. An online betting site’s terms and conditions shouldn’t contain any jargon that customers would not be able to understand, especially legal jargon. Furthermore, the T’s & C’s should be clear, concise, and non-ambiguous. These requirements set the benchmark for proper terms and conditions at all online crypto gambling sites.

Decent reputation It’s a good idea to do some online research to see what other people think about a crypto betting site. After all, people are more than happy to share their opinions if they feel that a betting site isn’t meeting their standards! Decent may be a bit of a soft term, as we prefer online crypto casinos with stellar reputations and a clean legal and regulatory record. In other words, it should function according to law and prioritize customer needs. A bad customer experience is bound to happen here and there, and it’s up to the reader to decide if the complaint should be taken seriously or with a grain of salt.

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