The Best MinesGames Gambling Casino

The Best MinesGames Gambling Casino

The best casino games generally all have a few things in common – chiefly, they’re simple to learn and fun to play. And, if that sounds good to you, we’ve got you covered!

Our team of experts have compiled their top recommendations for the best online casinos and sites that host one or more versions of MineGames.

These are premium quality hubs we can vouch for, and best of all, most of them let you test their games for free before you decide whether to lay down your hard-earned dough.

Mines & Minesweeper Through the Ages

Infused with a dose of casino fun originating from some of the top crypto casinos, Mines is found at some of the best gambling sites around, as arcade-style casino games continue to rise in popularity amongst players.

So what is Mines, exactly? Well, it is essentially a rip-off of the rudimentary Minesweeper. Anyone that has ever used a Windows operating system has likely popped open the game window a few times from the start menu and enjoyed a session or two.

However, something that few gamers know is that Mined-Out, a title developed by Sinclair Spectrum in 1983, was the basis for Minesweeper. The latter was later released by Microsoft in 1990.

Mined-Out and other Minesweeper-like games are puzzles that rely on logic and are heavily inspired by the famous board game Battleship. While Mined-Out was not the first game of its kind, it was the original computer version of this puzzle.

Bear in mind that Mines gambling games are entirely based on chance. There is no skill involved in predicting where a mine lies – your intuition and Lady Luck always have the final say.

Developers often create variations of a game to add more excitement and variety, and you’ll be glad to know that this extends to Mines too! We’ll be taking a closer look at these different versions later on in this guide.

How To Play Mines

In virtually all Mines casino games, the gameplay remains identical. In 90% of cases, these titles have a 5×5 grid, where all 25 fields have an opaque cover. Before starting each round, you, the player, must select a wager size using a bet adjuster next to the mentioned layout.

Once you have selected your bet amount, click the start button and press on the fields that you believe hold non-mine symbols. These are usually diamonds, but they can be whatever each provider decides they should be.

Each uncovered diamond boosts your multiplier, and after each successful hit, you get the option to collect your winnings and walk away. You can continue trying to reveal diamonds on the grid, but you risk unknowingly choosing one of the three bombs that lay on the 5×5 setup. If that happens, you lose your stake.

So, there is not much difference between playing Mines as a casino game and the original Minesweeper on Windows.

Pros of Playing Mines Gambling Games
  1. Provable Fairness Mines casino games are Provably Fair and built on blockchain technology, which makes it possible for you to confirm the fairness and randomness of each round. This is a unique feature of crypto games.How Provably Fair WorksHOW PROVABLY FAIR WORKSProvably Fair algorithms make it possible to verify the randomness of each round’s outcome. You can verify the latter by obtaining the seed values of the game in encrypted hash form and running the codes on a Provably Fair checker. Most MineGames have their own verifying tools, but you can also use third-party sites like and
  2. Easy to learn and play MineGames Gambling is a simple and straightforward game that you can learn to play in seconds. Unlike other casino games which have a lot of rules and features, learning how to play mines is as easy as falling off a log. You only need to set your bet and click on the grids to reveal diamonds or mines. The simplicity of the game also makes it suitable for players of all levels, including beginners.
  3. You can cash out at any time MineGames casino games give you the freedom to decide when to stop playing, meaning you can collect your winnings and end a round at any point. You don’t have to wait until you’ve uncovered all the tiles. After each successful stint, the game gives you the option to collect your wins or proceed. If you decide to cash out, the round ends and you’re awarded the amount you’ve already won. You can also choose to continue playing for a chance to unlock bigger prizes if you’re feeling lucky.
  4. You can adjust the grid size and number of mines This is yet another example of how MineGames gambling gives you complete control of the game. The games allow you to increase or decrease the grid size by adjusting the settings. For example, the MineGames: Dare2Win game by Hacksaw Gaming presents you with four options; 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9. The settings also allow you to customise the number of mines on the grid. You can choose to add one, two, three, or four mines to a 3×3 grid, for instance.Usually, selecting more mines increases the prize multipliers, which translates to a higher payout for each non-mine tile you uncover. This high-risk high-reward model essentially means that your payout is proportional to the risk you’re willing to take.
  5. Flexible stake range MineGames gambling games have a very flexible stake range, making them suitable for players of all levels. In Mines: Mine Games | luckycola, for example, you can bet as little as £0.20 per round, and the options run all the way to £1,000.00. Your current bet is displayed on the bottom of the game board, and you can adjust it before each round by clicking on the v/ʌ buttons.
  6. Low house-edge MineGames casino games tend to have a high RTP and low house edge. For example, the theoretical RTP of the Mines gambling game by Spribe is 97%, translating to a 3% house edge. The payout rate of most casino slots falls between 94% and 96.50%, which makes MineGames a better option since you have a higher chance of winning.
  7. Security MineGames gambling games are mostly found at crypto casinos, which offer more security to players thanks to Blockchain technology. The cryptographic nature of these sites makes it hard for hackers and other malicious third parties to access your personal data or compromise your account. Moreover, you can choose to play anonymously, which is almost impossible at traditional casinos.
  8. Enjoy Minesweeper games in different versions MineGames casino games come in many exciting versions. The availability of several options allows you to explore the different variants and choose the one that suits you best. You can also switch between the available versions to spice things up.

Cons of Playing Mines Gambling Games

  1. MineGames gambling is a chance-based game Mines casino games are games of chance. Unlike skill-based games like poker, the outcome of a game round in Mines is determined by chance. Usually, these games use random number generators (RNG) to pick the winning patterns for each round. This means that you can’t use any skills or strategies to tip the odds in your favour and boost your chances of winning.
  2. Some versions are not provably fair While most Mines games are Provably Fair, it’s not unusual to come across some casinos offering the regular versions of the game. These variations don’t have the features required to verify the randomness using a probably fair checker. However, this doesn’t mean that the games aren’t fair since they’re tested and certified for fairness by independent auditors like GLI, iTech Labs, and TST Global.
  3. You risk losing money There’s always the risk of losing money when you’re playing mines gambling games. Gambling is naturally risky, and you’re not guaranteed of winning since the results are determined by sheer luck. To minimise this risk, we advise players to always have a budget in mind before commencing your playing session. Finally, stick to your budget whether you win or lose, and make sure that it is an amount that you can afford to play with.
  4. Mines casino games can be addictive It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having fun. Therefore, we recommend that you use reality checks to keep track of your session. You can find these settings on the responsible gaming page of your casino.

Different Versions of MineGames

As we mentioned above, various top game developers have created their own variations of Mines. We’ve taken a closer look at the most popular ones below.

1. Mines: Dare 2 Win

Hacksaw Gaming are the brains behind Dare2Win, which was released on March 3rd, 2022. This version of Mines features a house edge of only 2% (RTP 98%) and accepts bets from $0.2 to a stunning $1,000. Its max win potential is 1,000x your stake.

To see if this game tickles your fancy, try it out for free at one of the casinos recommended above!

Play Mines: Dare 2 Win at Casumo

Turbo Mines

Turbo Mines was released in May 2021 by Turbo Games to great success, with the underrated and little-known game provider focusing on delivering future-oriented, cutting-edge products that utilise Provably Fair algorithms.

The house edge here is 5% (RTP 95%), accepting bets from $0.1 to $100. It has an unlisted max exposure, though, so we cannot confirm how much this title can potentially yield in prizes.


BGaming’s Minesweeper was one of the first provider-based Mines gambling games to be launched online, showing up in casino lobbies in March 2017. It features a base 3×2 grid that can expand to 6×15. The lowest wager you can make on this layout is $1 per round, and the highest is $100.

In addition, Minesweeper’s house edge drops to 1.6% (RTP 98.4%) and also has 1,150 winning paths.


Spribe, the inventor of the Aviator Crash gambling game, boasts a portfolio that chiefly consists of Provably Fair titles, poker-inspired, and skill-based games.

The house edge of Spribe’s Mines casino game is 3% (RTP 97%), and it allows a betting range from $0.1 to $100, as well as a maximum win potential of $10.000.

Mines Gambling Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to win at any version of Mines every time you play. The results of all games listed above are completely random, so it’s impossible to predict where the hidden bombs are with complete certainty.

Therefore, the approach most veteran gamblers prefer is to play conservatively. We recommend:

  1. using auto-play and setting low cash-out/collect multipliers, ones below 2x;
  2. placing a wager below $5;
  3. choosing the second cash-out wager to be a smaller amount than the profit from the first one; and
  4. knowing when to stop.

Since Minesweeper gambling gives you such terrific odds of staying out of the red, it is wise to settle for modest wins. Trust us, these pile up, so think long-term. We don’t advise chasing massive multipliers, trying to clear the board and snagging all its diamonds, as the risk of losing your accumulated funds is just too sizeable.

As with any casino game, you can utilise betting patterns (such as the Martingale, Paroli, and D’Alembert systems) on your Mines game gambling sessions. That said, we find this to be unwise. Our opinion is guided by the dangers these schemes bring with them, as an unlucky streak can put you in a financial hole from which there is no exit. So, it is best to avoid them and rely on your good fortune and instincts instead.

Remember, any tactics that you’re used to when playing the original Window’s Minesweeper don’t apply here! Operators will always make things as challenging as possible for players to make winnings that much harder to land. That said, if you keep the above tips in mind, your chances of success may increase considerably.

Other Game That We Recommend

Nowadays, slots and live dealer games with real croupiers are huge favourites among casino players. If you’re looking for something different, you’ll definitely love Mine Games , and luckycola.

These games have been the backbone of the Provably Fair genre for almost a decade and have pioneered crypto gambling overall. Until a few years ago, most online casinos did not accept Bitcoin and altcoin wagers. Thus, crypto fanatics had to play the above-mentioned options, helping them cultivate a massive following with the blockchain community.

What’s more, you can try out live casino games for free right here at Top10-CasinoSites! No registration is required, either, so you can sharpen your table skills without putting any money on the line.

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