House Edge in Triple-Zero Roulette Mines Games

House Edge in Triple-Zero Roulette Mines Games

The extra 000 pocket further increases the casino’s statistical advantage over roulette players. Let’s assume you are looking to back a single number with a $1 bet for 39 spins in succession, with each of the 39 numbers showing up only once.

You are risking a total of $39 in this case. Your chosen number comes up once throughout those 39 spins, so the dealer pays you $35 in net winnings on top of your original dollar bet.

You end up with $36 in winnings and the casino retains $3 of your $39 in bets. The simplest way to calculate the house advantage is to divide your losses by the overall amount wagered and multiply the result by a hundred to convert it into a percentage.

(3 / 39) x 100 = 0.07692 x 100 = 7.69%

As you can see, the house holds a 7.69% advantage on straight up bets. Let’s repeat this exercise with even-money wagers like odd or even. Suppose you wager $1 on even numbers for 39 successive spins at a triple-zero table.

You are again risking $39 in total. Your bet wins if any of the 18 even numbers comes up and loses when any of the 18 odd numbers or one of three green zeros (0, 00, and 000) shows.

At the end of the session, you will win $18 on average plus your original $18 in bets, for a total of $36 in profits. The casino again retains $3 of the $39 you have wagered, which tells us it still has a 7.69% advantage on even-money bets over the long run.

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