How To Start Play Mines Games Bonuses Legal Online Casino?

How To Start Play Mines Games Bonuses Legal Online Casino?

In this step by step guide you can learn how to start playing legal online casino and enjoy it!

1: Choose Casino

You can easily choose best online legal casino from our top list

2: Sign In

You need to go through easy registration procedure to create your own account

3: Deposit Money

Choose the most suitable for you payment method and make deposit in online casino

4: Grab Bonus

Grab your bonus – online casino have a lot of bonus opportunity for all players

5: Choose Game

All online casino Philippines have a lot of different casino games like roulette, blackjack, baccarat and many others

What Filipino gambling laws govern the industry?

As we have already touched on the topic of gambling regulations in the Philippines, let’s discuss this question in more detail.

These gambling laws state that casino operators cannot offer residents to place bets. Presidential Decree No. 1602 criminalizes the opening of physical casinos in the Philippines. Moreover, it criminalizes all other attempts to organize gambling in the country. Therefore, opening an online casino in this country is also not the best idea.

Meanwhile, the citizens of the Philippines can still legally gamble. The point is that there is no law prohibiting residents of this country from gambling and betting. As we have already mentioned, casinos that are officially regulated from outside the Philippines can legally enter the country’s market.

However, this doesn’t mean that local authorities don’t have any influence on such entities. These casinos are strictly regulated by many regulations, quality standards, and guarantees. Actually, this is beneficial for gamblers because such regulations grant them additional safety and security with digital attractions. There are two main bodies that regulate, supervise, and license gambling companies. It is impossible to offer Filipino citizens a casino website without having a special license.

One such entity that is responsible for gambling regulations in the country is the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR). It controls casinos and issues licenses to them. However, the authority of this body is still limited in the country. In particular, its power does not extend over the Cagayan Freeport area. This is because of the special status of this free trade zone known as one of the Filipino strategic entities. There is a separate legal center regulating the casinos in this area. As for all other regions of the country, they are controlled by PAGCOR.

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