Live Dealer Blackjack Online Casino Mines Games ph

Live Dealer Blackjack Online Casino Mines Games ph

Blackjack is among the few beatable games on the casino floor provided that you play optimally and use techniques that give you a mathematical advantage over the house. Card counting is the most broadly used method to achieve this. Savvy players have been implementing it to great success at landbased casinos over the last seven decades.

The question arises is this strategy applicable at online casinos with live dealers and if yes, is it effective? The following article covers the topic in detail. But before we get to the subject of effectiveness, we shall briefly explain what card counting is and how it works.

Card Counting Basics

First things first, card counting is a form of advantage play rather than a cheating technique and as such, it is perfectly okay from a legal perspective. It gives players an idea of the composition of the remaining deck(s), i.e. the ratio of high to low cards that remain to be dealt. A deck or shoe rich in low cards favors the house, while more high cards work to the advantage of players.

Counters use this knowledge to size their wagers proportionately. They bet less or nothing when at a disadvantage and increase their stakes when the remaining cards favor them. Contrary to popular belief, there is no need to be a savant or excel at math to count cards. The only requirement is to have some basic knowledge of addition, subtraction, and division.

You must master blackjack basic strategy before you make any attempts to count cards!

 Card Values

 The Running Count

 The True Count

 Bet Sizing Based on Count

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