Main Features in Live Dealer Slots Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Main Features in Live Dealer Slots Online Mines Games Easy Win Casino

1. Main functionalities you will encounter when playing live slots

Live dealer slots are equipped with various great features whose primary purpose is to boost the level of interactivity, improve the gameplay, and allow players to customize it based on their personal preferences. Here are the main functionalities you will encounter when playing live slots. Many of them are unique to this subgenre, while others are available in standard slots as well.

2. The Bet Limits panel

The Bet Limits panel provides concise information about the minimum and maximum wagers players can place during the game. The limits sometimes differ depending on your chosen bet type.

3. The Paytable

The Paytable informs players about the winning criteria, the payouts of different bets, and the special features incorporated into the games, including scatter symbols, wilds, and free spins. Depending on the specifics of the live slot, the paytable may also contain information about the paylines players can form winning combinations on.

4. The Game History panel

The Game History panel shows the results of all rounds you have played, displaying your bets, wins, and losses.

5. The Settings menu

The Settings menu allows you to tailor the gaming experience to your individual preferences. You usually have the option to hide the chat messages of fellow players and adjust the settings of the video stream, having a choice from low, medium, high, and high-definition quality. Additionally, you can turn off the game effects and studio sounds if you find them distracting.

6. The Switch View

The Switch View feature enables you to change the camera view. This function is available in live dealer slots developed by Evolution Gaming where you can choose from the following three options – 3D View, Classic View, and Immersive View.

7. The Live Chat box

The Live Chat box is where players can interact with each other as well as with the live presenters hosting the games. The presenters are very chatty and engaging. They gladly respond to comments and are happy to address any questions players might have. In most cases, players must add some funds to their balance to be able to chat, though.

8. The Virtual Reality Mode

The Virtual Reality Mode is exclusive to some of the Evolution Gaming live dealer slots. The feature enables you to fully immerse yourself in the game and enjoy a 360-degree gaming experience but you need a tracked controller and a VR headset for this purpose. It works best with a broadband internet connection.

9. The Autoplay feature

The Autoplay feature enables live slot players to go through a specific number of rounds without having to do anything. You simply adjust your bet per spin and you are good to go. Players can usually tackle the settings so that the feature deactivates after they trigger the bonus game or free spins.

10. The Winners List

The Winners List displays the names of all participating players who have won during the last round along with the payouts they have pocketed. You can easily deactivate this feature from the game settings menu if you find it annoying.

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