Mines Games Tips Compensated vs. Random Game Control

Mines Games Tips Compensated vs. Random Game Control

Games that involve some kind of feedback compensation built into their software are known as “compensated” games. By contrast, games that implement and operate on completely random software are known as “fully random” ones. With that distinction in mind, you should also take note of two things.

1Pseudo-Random Number Generators (PRNG)

The word “random” typically refers to pseudo-randomness in the context of gaming machines and online casinos. Most online casino games rely on pseudo-random number generators (PRNG) to yield their outcomes. PRNGs use initial seed numbers and complex mathematical algorithms to produce results that appear random but are, in fact, deterministic in nature.

2True Random Number Generators (TRNG)

While the results are still impossible to predict with certainty, the number sequence inevitably starts to repeat itself at a given point. In contrast, true random number generators (TRNG) rely on truly unpredictable physical phenomena to create random numbers/outcomes rather than on mathematical calculations. Common examples include atmospheric noise and radioactive decay.


Both compensated and completely random games produce their results with the help of RNGs. However, the number of rounds required to reach the advertised return percentage differs between the two types. Compensated games usually reach their targeted return after tens or hundreds of thousands of rounds, while their completely random brethren require millions of cycles to arrive at their expected RTP percentages.

 RTP in Compensated Games

 RTP in Completely Random Games

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