The history of the Casino Mines Games Tips

The history of the Casino Mines Games Tips

While many are discovering the fun game Mines Casino this year, it is not a new entertainment option. Indeed, Mines Casino is inspired by the video game Minesweeper, which is called Minesweeper in French. This title peaked in popularity in the 1980s and is based on the simple concept explained throughout this article: find the empty squares in a grid while avoiding detonating a bomb. Unlike Mines Casino, Minesweeper does not rely entirely on chance, as based on certain information and by combining tactics, it is possible to know with certainty the location of the bombs.

The Minesweeper game on Windows

Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft did not invent the concept of the Minesweeper game. That said, it is the main player in its popularization, and in fact it is the one that named it Minesweeper. This title is pre-installed on all PCs with the Windows operating system, from version 3.0 to version 7. For computers running Windows 8 or later, the American giant has decided to provide the video game in the Windows Store. To play it, you therefore need to download it from the application shop of the technology behemoth, Microsoft.

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