The Most Player-Friendly Side Bets in Blackjack Mines Games

The Most Player-Friendly Side Bets in Blackjack Mines Games

Blackjack has established itself as a player-favorite because it comes with a very low house edge compared to most other games on the casino floor. Players who have brought their basic strategy to perfection face house edges under 0.50% in blackjack variants with favorable rules.

Even if you play terribly and rely solely on hunches, you are still battling a relatively tolerable house edge that increases to approximately 2% without basic strategy. This is not the case with side bets where you are playing at a huge disadvantage in hopes of pocketing a big payout.

Yet, if you are looking to take your chances of winning a higher payout, we recommend you do it with the side bets that yield the lowest house edges. The list below comprises the blackjack side wagers that put players at the smallest disadvantage. There is a slew of other options but their house edges are so appalling that we recommend against playing them.

 Suit ‘Em Up Side Bets

 Perfect Pairs Side Bets

 Buster Side Bets

 Royal Match Side Bets

 Lucky Lucky Side Bets

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