Blackjack Side Bets Basics Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Blackjack Side Bets Basics Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Side bets are additional betting options available in some blackjack games. They are optional and players can make them in addition to their bets in the main game. Most side wagers generally require a small stake and offer considerably larger returns than the standard blackjack payouts.

They typically involve guessing what combination of cards will be dealt to the player or the dealer, or sometimes both. The chips for side bets are posted in designated betting boxes on the table layout located next to the betting spots reserved for the main wagers. Side bets must be posted at the very beginning of a round before any cards are dealt at the table.

In the majority of cases, players must place a wager in the main blackjack game before they become eligible for making side bets. Separate minimums and maximums apply to side bets. The limits are normally posted on special plaques or printed straight on the table layout.

Side bets are settled immediately after the initial deal before patrons make any playing decisions. Their outcomes are irrelevant to the main game and the round proceeds as usual, with players hitting, standing, splitting, or doubling down on their hands.

You can win the side bet but lose your main wager, and vice versa.

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