Monstrous House Edges in Baccarat Side Bets Online Mines Games

Monstrous House Edges in Baccarat Side Bets Online Mines Games

Baccarat is a game that moves at a relatively leisurely pace, requiring little to no decision-making on behalf of players. Pretty much the only decision you face here is whether to bet on Player, Banker, or Tie. The gameplay tends to get a bit stale after a while as a result and this is where side betting options come in handy.

 House Edges in the Main Game

 House Edges of Common Side Bets

 Go for Side Bets with Lower Negative Expectation

Are Baccarat Side Wagers Beatable?

The short answer to this question is yes, some of them are in theory. To elaborate further, savvy players can only beat baccarat side wagers provided that certain conditions are met. Gambling experts suggest that some side bets are susceptible to card counting and frequently cite the Dragon Bonus wager as a prime example.

 Effect of Card Removal in Baccarat

 Setbacks Preventing Players from Exploiting Baccarat Side Bets

Closing Points

To wrap things up, entertainment value is pretty much the only kind of value baccarat players can find in side bets. While some are theoretically susceptible to advantage play, the playing conditions at most casinos rarely allow players to beat them in practice. In short, you should either altogether refrain from side betting or occasionally opt for the side wagers that yield the lowest house edge.


How Commission-Free Variants Benefit the House in Mines Games Casino

How Commission-Free Variants Benefit the House in Mines Games Casino

Perhaps you will find it surprising but gambling operators also frown at the idea of charging a commission. There are several reasons why they prefer to drop the commission in favor of the payout reduction for Banker wins with 6.

In standard baccarat variations, the dealer will deduct the 5% commission on approximately 46% of the rounds as this is the average win percentage of the Banker side.

 Fewer Payout Errors on the Dealer’s Behalf

 No Commission Means More Rounds Per Hour

Baccarat Players Hate Commision for All the Wrong Reasons

At this point, we hope it is clear why you should avoid playing commission-free baccarat variations. The term ‘commission-free’ is somewhat of a misnomer, much like the name of the ‘insurance’ side bet in blackjack which also carries an enormous house edge compared to that in the main game.

Such baccarat variants do provide a commission for the casino on certain winning hands but the house simply collects it in a different fashion. Furthermore, the ‘fee’ is significantly higher at 50% due to the severe reduction in the payout for Banker wins with 6. Contrary to all logic, many players continue to frown at the idea of paying commission but for all the wrong reasons.

1. Players Believe They Deserve to Be Paid in Full

Casinos intentionally use this misleading wording to promote bets and games that are otherwise worse in terms of house edges. And yet, baccarat fans flock in droves to the commission-free tables. They are irked by the fact the casino charges them for winning.

After all, they have earned these winnings and deserve to be paid in full. The harsh reality is they will be better off if they resign to paying the ‘fee’ as this would cost them less over the long haul. The negative impact on their overall profitability will be less pronounced this way.

2. Winning Bets’ Settlement Becomes Slower with Commission

Players hate the commission for yet another reason. At the end of a round, when the dealer starts settling the winning bets, players cannot collect their chips from successful wagers until everyone has been paid. This rule largely has to do with security and prevents confusion on behalf of the dealers.

Chip plucking and calculating the exact payouts after the commission deductions slow down the action and greatly take away from the experience. For example, a player sitting in the anchor position on the dealer’s far right will receive their payout but may not be able to collect the chips for a couple of minutes until everyone on the dealer’s far left has received theirs.

3. Commission-Free Variations Offer Better Gaming Experience

From this perspective, it is impossible to deny that commission-free variations indeed provide a more enjoyable player experience. Nearly all successful wagers pay at even money odds (bar Banker wins with 6), which causes the game to play at a more rapid pace. Gamblers get to collect their winnings and post their next wagers faster.


Advantage and Paytables in Commission Mines Games Casino

Advantage and Paytables in Commission Mines Games Casino

Now, this is where the main difference between commission and no commission baccarat lies. In the standard version of the game, the dealer deducts the 5% commission only from winning Banker wagers. The drawing rules of the game are such that the Banker hand ends up with a slightly higher win frequency, i.e. it wins more often than it loses.

 Probabilities for the Banker Hand

 Probabilities for the Player Hand

 Banker Hand in No Commission Baccarat

Casino Advantage in Commission and No Commission Baccarat

You have probably guessed where this is going, so let’s examine how the absence of commission affects the house edge of the game. Since the commission only applies to winning Banker hands, it has no impact on the house edge of Player bets – it remains the same at 1.24%.

With the commission in place, the casino holds a 1.06% advantage on the Banker proposition in the standard version of the game. In contrast, the house edge for the Banker side climbs to 1.46% in commission-free variants, which corresponds to a 17% increase.

Respectively, the aggregate casino advantage in conventional baccarat is only 1.15%, while that at no commission tables jumps to 1.35%. It follows that players are better off when they pay the commission as they still end up losing less money in the long term.


Mines Games Basics of no Commission Baccarat

Mines Games Basics of no Commission Baccarat

  1. No commission baccarat largely follows the same rules as the standard variation but the payout structure is different because the casino does not charge the 5% commission on winning Banker hands. Here is a brief breakdown of the rules for those who need to refresh their memory.

2. Most online variations use 8 full decks.

3. Randomly generated variations reshuffle the cards at the conclusion of each hand.

4. Gamblers can bet on Player, Banker, or Tie.

5. Ties between Player and Banker result in pushes, i.e. gamblers recoup their wagers unless they have backed the Tie outcome.

6. The first card for the Player hand is always dealt before the first card for the Banker.

7. Aces are worth 1 point, cards 2 through 9 are worth their pip value, and 10, Jack, Queen, and King are assigned a value of zero.

8. The first digit in two-figure totals is dropped, eg. 10 becomes 0, 11 becomes 1, and so on.

9. If either the Banker or Player has natural totals of 9 or 8, both hands must stand, a rule that overrides all other rules.

10. The dealer draws more cards to the Player hand when it has a starting total of 5 or less.

11. When the Player hand stands, the dealer hits the Banker hand when it totals 5 or under. The chart below contains the drawing rules for the Banker when the Player hand must hit, i.e. it draws a third card.

12. Some commission-free baccarat variations take action on side bets such as Player Pair (11 to 1), Banker Pair (11 to 1), Perfect Pair (25 to 1), Either Pair (5 to 1), Big (3 to 2), and Small (2 to 1). We recommend against placing these side bets due to their higher house edges.


Mines Games Commission or No Commission Baccarat – Which Is Better?

Mines Games Commission or No Commission Baccarat – Which Is Better?

Baccarat is hugely popular among gambling buffs thanks to its leisurely pace, straightforward rules, and high winning chances. It was reserved exclusively for the nobility when it first emerged but thankfully this is no longer the case. Baccarat is now accessible to players from all walks of life and available for real-money play at hundreds of online casinos.

One variation that has gained traction in recent years is no commission baccarat, also known as commission-free baccarat. Its popularity is higher among gamblers from Asia but it has a loyal following the world over. This is partially due to its deceptive name, which leads players to think it is better than conventional baccarat where the commission is in place. This is not the case in reality and we explain why in today’s article.

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10 ways to secure a win at online baccarat

10 ways to secure a win at online baccarat

For you to win the game, you need to know the rules to help you understand how the game is likely to unfold. A beginner should ideally sign up for a beginner’s level of baccarat so he/she can easily learn the tricks of the trade. Many new casino offers feature basic versions of the game.

That way you can gather some good tips on winning at online baccarat.

There are also plenty of variations of this game such as Punto Banco and Chemin De Fer. Keep yourself updated with the various structures and rules of these games. Whichever option you prefer, always go prepared.

Place your bets wisely

Learning the rules of the game is good enough but when it comes to placing bets, it is wholly dependent on the size of your bankroll. You must place your bets on any hand.

Which of the two will win is ultimately based on chance. Ideally, you should place your bets based on how much you have to spare out of your expenses.

If you are aiming to make smaller bets, there is a good chance of you earning money and can thus continue to play in a similar fashion. Do not, in any way, spend all your earnings on your second bet, or else you are likely to be disappointed.

In fact, we don’t recommend spending big money on any bets. It serves no purpose, and if you are aiming to stay in the game, you cannot bet huge sums in the aim of getting a winning streak.

Keep an eye on the odds

It may seem a tad obvious, but before kicking your journey at a new online casino, always check that the odds on offer are correct. The commission deduction on Banker bets is 5% but it’s been noted that some casinos charge as much as 25% for this same bet.

Some casinos also offer less than 5% too, which is even better. You can play online baccarat at the below casinos.

Percentages in baccarat

As with all casino games, there is a house edge that depicts the likelihood of the player hand winning against the banker. The good news is that the percentages are in close proximity of each other.

The banker hand tends to win 51% more hands than the player’s. However, as tempting as it is to always bet on the dealer, every winning bet on the banker hand is subject to a 5% fee to the bettor.

Betting on the player

Many guides out there will tell you to always bet on the banker as it has better odds. However, you should always bet on the player as the lower-than-evens payout following commission on banker bets can cause a few problems.

Betting on the tie

Any Baccarat player can place a bet that the banker hand and the player hand will tie. This bet always pays out 8:1. If you place a bet of €100 on a tie, then you win €800.

As tempting as this may sound, the actual bet carries a house edge of 9.5%, one of the highest out there. It’s not recommended that you place bets on a tie.

Way out your options

Before kicking off your game, try to figure out what you expect to win with your current strategy. If you have a certain amount in your bankroll that you wish to spend, then you need to work out the amount of profit that you are happy to walk away with.

Once that has been achieved, quit the game. You can always play on another day.

Play short sessions of online baccarat

If you have decided on how many games to play prior to starting, then you are better prepared for the amount lost overall. Just keep in mind that the house edge will always get you in the long run.

Once you’ve played the set amount of games, walk away instead of playing with the aim of recovering your losses. Same goes for when you are winning, Shorter sessions always work in your favour.

Don’t change your strategy midway

When you have decided on the strategy you are going to follow, regardless of what kind of run you experience, always stick to the rules of that strategy. That is, of course, unless you have a good run from the start.

In that case, quit the game and withdraw the money. Like in many situations in online poker, many players get frustrated when they lose their bets and tend to increase their bet value to recoup their losses. That’s never a good idea.

Read the terms and conditions

Before making a deposit, always check the terms and conditions of a casino bonus. Plenty of online casinos do not list online baccarat in the wagering terms so you might not get bonus money.

If they do, they may ask you to gamble more than is required at other games. Make sure you read the terms and conditions properly.

Play online baccarat at these casinos

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