The Top Video Games Featuring Exciting Casino Mine-Games

The Top Video Games Featuring Exciting Casino MineGames

Once a niche hobby, video games have exploded into a multibillion-dollar industry enjoyed by tens of millions of people. With so many games being played across the globe, it’s unsurprising that some of the world’s most popular video games offer players the chance to enjoy a variety of online slots and table games within their gameplay. There’s one downside though, you can’t bet or win any real money. You’ll have to join a licensed online casino to play real-money games. 

But if you’re looking for a casino sidequest built into your favorite video games, then check out the following video games that feature exciting casinos and mini-games for you to play.

The most popular video games with casino mine-games

As video game graphics become ultra-realistic, the worlds we explore when we play are starting to emulate the real world even more. So it makes sense that virtual video games would feature casinos with playable casino games. This unique feature is a fun way to incorporate multiple forms of gaming and entertainment into one gaming platform.

Could the future of gambling and video games be more connected than we think? Some people believe that casinos in the future will feature actual video games with complex world-building and deeper storylines to play for money. We can only wait in anticipation to see how the two industries will collide. Until then, here are a few video games that give you the best of both worlds. 

1. Grand Theft Auto Online Casino

Even if you don’t play video games, you might be familiar with Grand Theft Auto (GTA.) GTA is a game franchise developed by Rockstar Games that used to cause much controversy every time a new version was released. Grand Theft Auto V was launched in September 2013 and while some might consider it a dinosaur compared to some more modern games, that doesn’t mean people have put this game down in favor of newer experiences. In fact, the introduction of GTA Online a few weeks after the launch of the fifth GTA title has helped the franchise thrive even more. 

GTA Online is a persistent online world where players can complete exclusive online missions and try to get rich in the imaginary city of Los Santos. This includes the usual GTA gameplay, where players can get involved in heists, deal with rivals and all the general chaos and mayhem you’d expect from a game with a name like Grand Theft Auto.

For years, the game featured a casino that was closed to players. But everything changed in  2019 when the Diamond Casino & Resort officially opened its doors. Players were ecstatic when they realized the casino that was once a dead piece of real estate would now become an immersive in-game virtual casino.

The mini casino games players can try at the Diamond Casino include blackjack, roulette, slots based on TV shows from the video game, three-card poker and even horse race betting at the Inside Track. The Diamond Casino even has a VIP membership that gives members access to bonus perks like a limo service, penthouse apartments and VIP lounges. GTA V’s dedication to creating a realistic casino experience makes it one of the best casino video games to play.   

2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The team at Rockstar Games just loves to make immersive video games with gambling, so they took multiple places on our list. After all, the mega-developer has earned its status as one of the best innovators in the industry. 

Unlike GTA Online, San Andreas features multiple casinos that are only available in the single-player campaign. The game was released in 2004 and, apart from the usual hype that the series was known for, it got a bit more attention than usual because it featured a character voiced by Hollywood’s Samuel L. Jackson. 

GTA: San Andreas tells the story of CJ, a former member of the Grove Street Families gang, who left to seek a better life in Liberty City (the setting for GTA III) but returned to San Andreas after the death of his mother in a drive-by shooting. During the game, players have to deal with other gangs, crooked cops and government agents involved in shady dealings in San Andreas.

In the virtual world of San Andreas, players can enjoy playing casino games at one of three casinos in Las Venturas, the third city in the game. Even though there are more than 10 casinos that you can visit, only three of them are accessible: Caligula’s Palace, Casino Floor and the Four Dragons Casino. Players can enjoy blackjack, roulette, slots, video poker and even Wheel of Fortune at one of these three virtual establishments. 

In the same way that you would craft a gambling strategy in the real world, you can build and improve your gambling skills in San Andreas too. The more you gamble in the game, the higher the chance of winning a prize in the casino. 

3. The Red Dead Redemption Series and Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games isn’t only well-known for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. The developer also produced the incredibly popular Red Dead Redemption series, which sees you taking on the role of a cowboy or outlaw in the Wild West. 

Red Dead Redemption 1 tells the story of John Marston, a former outlaw who’s coerced into bringing his old gang to justice. The sequel is actually a prequel that sees you taking on the role of Arthur Morgan, a member of the gang that Marston takes down in the original game. The Online edition, meanwhile, is set in the world of the second game and offers everything you loved about the sequel in an online world.

Due to the setting and time period of the Red Dead Redemption games, players technically play in saloons rather than casinos. Some of the classic gambling games you can enjoy in Red Dead Redemption 1 are blackjack, arm wrestling betting, five-finger filet, horseshoes and poker. The second installment added dominos to the list. Red Dead Online currently only has poker, but the game could expand and offer more casino games in the future.   

4. Fallout: New Vegas

The Fallout series was originally a role-playing game with strong strategic elements, but the video games evolved into a first-person role-playing experience. Set in a post-apocalyptic world after a nuclear fallout, the last human survivors seek shelter from radiation and deadly mutants in underground bunkers called Vaults. In Fallout: New Vegas, you play a male character called the Courier, who is robbed and left for dead. After recovering from his wounds, he must retrieve the package he was hired to deliver.

It turns out that there’s always room for casino entertainment even in a dystopian world riddled by nuclear warfare. Fallout: New Vegas has seven gambling locations, including the Atomic Wrangler casino, Sierra Madre Casino and the Ultra-Luxe casino and resort. If you manage to escape the deadly mutants and find a casino, you can play blackjack, horseshoes, roulette and slots. You can also learn something new and play Caravan, a fictitious card game created by Obsidian Entertainment for the Fallout games. 

5. The Sims 3
A young woman plays video games at her computer.

The Sims series is the ultimate simulation game. In this fun “life simulator” you’ll create your own virtual avatar and help them succeed (or fail) at life. The game is a breath of fresh air for people who are looking for something a little more grounded compared to other fantasy, adventure or action-packed video games. 

Since its launch in February 2000, the franchise has sold millions of copies around the world, with the most recent version being The Sims Mobile, a free-to-play game for mobile devices. However, we’ll be going back to the third edition of the series, aptly named The Sims 3.

In the third Sims title, players could buy add-ons to the game through the game’s store. One of these extra features was the Lucky Simoleon Casino. The introduction of the casino allowed your sims to level up gambling as one of their skills, which allowed for big wins when combined with the Lucky trait in the game.

If you decide to purchase and visit the Lucky Simoleon Casino add-on, you can enjoy Hit ‘em Harder blackjack, Dead Man’s Hand poker, Let It Ride roulette and the Triple Riches Slots O’ Jackpot slot game. Even though Sims 3 is technically a video game with gambling features, casino fans should note that you can’t actually play any of the games. You can build your sims skills and potentially win them prizes, but you can’t control the game or set any bets. Luckily, the best online casinos with real casino games are just a click away. 

6. Watch Dogs

There is plenty of action, adventure and thrills in Watch Dogs. The game features real-life cities that have been fictionalized for your gameplay and the hackable components let you customize your experience. 

In Watch Dogs, the main character is involved with some criminal masterminds, which means you’ll have to fight corrupt bosses, companies and leaders. Whenever you want to take a break from the main quest, there’s some thrilling poker action with detailed poker tables. The mini-games have add-ons such as poker and roulette. The imaginative and captivating interface will make you feel as though you’re playing at a real online casino. 

Gambling video games are proof that casino games were made for online and virtual platforms. If you love the mini casino games in these video games, then you’ll absolutely love getting a complete casino experience on your mobile devices. 

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Which MineGames Casino Are Most Profitable

Which MineGames Casino Are Most Profitable

This page informs you of our policies for collecting, using and disclosing personal data when you use our service and the options you have regarding that data. Pennsylvania’s online gaming sites offer progressive slots for players as well as winning. Before signing up for an online casino, you should always take the time to check which software developers are using an online casino. Players need to consider different factors when they are ready to make deposits for games. These slot machines allow you to trigger a bonus as soon as the specific symbols land on a roll. No deposit offers are a good way to try to win big in a casino without risking your money.

What Casino Games Are the Most Profitable?

The higher the RTP rate of the game or slots, the better your chances of winning. You also dont have to spend money on traveling to another city or even country to enjoy gambling. What are the most profitable casino games? In addition to the classic variations live casino, gambling operators are experimenting with new rules and interweaving the latest technologies in this kind of virtual entertainment. This is exactly why you withdrawals Methods Offered By El Royale Casino will often hear stories of people winning million plus jackpots with.25c spin. Most casino games are among the favorite pastimes of many people, full of emotions and adrenaline. You can find plenty of useful information on the Internet to sharpen up your skills. But, the joy of winning money is there and it is a significant possibility thus making it superbly attractive to people worldwide. While odds are set based on who is most likely to win, top Progressive Jackpot Slots Software Brands with sports betting yes what Is The Most Trusted Online Casino you can win, and there are some so skilled at picking matches that have made betting their full-time job, but for the newbie; its mostly luck. Also note that there is an abundance of variations of the classic game. Yes, although casino Games In Nova Scotia Online Casinos they may seem risky; if you are a skilled player (especially when you are playing live poker then yes; casino tables can be profitable as well. Secondly, spinning online usually goes much smoother. With an RTP.6, Devil s Delight remains one of the most popular and most profitable casino slot games. Kings of Chicago – This NetEnt slot machine is much akin to classic poker. It comes with a decent RTP.8, several free deals (spins high payout, 5 paylines, and special win features. What Casino Games Are The Most Profitable?

Full Mobile Compatibility

And if you want to bet on that, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Click Now Play to get your place in our dealer casino. The table has 9 seats in the casino, but an unlimited number of players can play online. Casino Everest has a unique design in dark colors that includes virtual walls with a few hundred slot machines, a dozen video poker games as well as several types of other card games such as: blackjack, craps and baccarat. Each of them will ensure that you benefit from quick payments without problems at online casinos in Australia. We also ensure that the online casino is associated with a responsible gaming organization. The general time limit that online casinos offer is 7 days, but it can sometimes go up or down a few days. Today, Microgaming Casino online players can enjoy more than 850 different games for each budget. We waited an hour for a customer service response and our question was not answered sufficiently. Mansion Online Casino is fully licensed by the British Gaming Commission, which makes it a reliable platform to play. The list of the best online casinos for free without dep’if you got the result of the hard work of our team on HEX Online Casino.

10 Most Profitable Casino Games

Profit is great, and that is why there is such a huge boom lately in online casinos. With the is Online Gambling Legal In Colombia advent of more and more online casinos, fierce competition has led to the offering of a huge number of different games. This information will give you a significant advantage over the online casino and will allow you to win far more often. But the experience is not the main thing that attracts consumers from disadvantages Of Using Paysafe At Online Casinos anywhere in the world to the best online casinos. Probably, the most important factor that inspires people to play online is high payouts. Each game security And Support At Jackpot Village Casino has a different percentage of played funds, which is returned in the form of winnings for players. Casino enthusiasts must know that they can choose from three types of bets and the house edge will depend on their choice. Maybe, simplicity is the reason why Baccarat has so many fans. Now, to be clear here, we always say that gambling is not entertainment, but a hobby. There is now a huge variety of online games that you can enjoy live at any time of the day, wherever you are. Take for example the European roulette (the one with one zero) there the percentage for the casino.70, which means that the game returns to consumers.30 of the played funds in the form of a profit. Casino, games, are, the, most, profitable? Posted by Gill on July 25, 2020 June 29, 2021. Online Internet casino, game titles – Have fun Internet casino. Casinos at The state of nevada, Ocean Metropolis, and other parts that licenses elevated gambles typically have debris avallable at 5000, 10,000. Millionaire Genie offers lucrative free spins and mini games at major online casinos like All Slots Online, casino. What Is The Most Profitable Casino Game For The Casino What casino games are most profitable?

As the name suggests, this online casino is quite turning around Pokies, with new monthly additions to their already extensive library. Take it with you and discover this casino where many other players from your country are betting. We also test customer support options to ensure that agents are professional and useful in their responses to players. They offer Australian players and after the platform revised in 2015, it became one of the leading online casino sites. You’ll explore table games that will innovate the classic experience and find slots games looking to improve current technologies by adding bonus tricks, multipliers, bonuses and more. Casino deposit bonuses are usually tempting, but as tempting as they are, you must first deposit your real money before they are accessible. While these games can be fun and exciting, you need to understand that there is no skill in real playing a slot-based game. The mobile platform is easy to navigate and the software is compatible with most operating systems. You immediately have your money at your disposal to bet on the game you want.Which Mobile Casinos From Canada Are The FastestTaking A Welcome Bonus At Top CasinosNew Igt Casino Platforms In New ZealandDoes Europa Casino Have A Vip ProgramHow To Find The Best Online Casino ReviewsAre There Any New Play N Go Casino SitesThe Extensive Vip Lounge At Casino Brango.


MineGames in the Casino and Features of Playing Them

MineGames in the Casino and Features of Playing Them

Playing in a casino is a lot of fun because it provides many surprises in the slot machines. It happens that during the gameplay the winnings are multiplied or there is access to bonuses or mini-games. Almost every slot has settings to provide these features to the player. 

There have been many changes in the gaming industry in recent years. In addition to the introduction of gambling games to mobile devices, they can also be found on online casino sites. All of the games have been designed with the expectations of the players in mind. Mini-games have been successfully included. Today, many sites offer this type of game with or without making a small deposit. 

Mini-games are an additional factor that makes online casino slots awesome. They contribute greatly to the development and modification of the gameplay. They are included during the game and give you the opportunity to play an additional similar game. This provides the online casino customer with the possibility to play again and get some free spins and prizes. The mini-games are simple and they have a fascinating interface. To access them, just keep playing until they are activated.

The mini-games can range from classic table games to slots, and there are also dice games. Learn about them here

Bonus games can make it possible to spend time in the casino while you are on the go or while you are in line. Users find a wide variety of gaming at online casinos. You can play them quickly and it is not necessary to download them. 

MineGames in the Slot Machines

In order to play the best slots with mini-games, you need to be an avid gamer. All experienced gamers know that Pink Panther offers 5 mini games with 2 progressive jackpots. These games can be triggered randomly.

This slot offers the following mini-games:

  • pink trail;
  • the little man in pink;
  • jackpot adventure;
  • the wheel of the pink bonus;
  • crack the pink code.

Familyman slot also has exciting mini-games such as Drunken Clam and Chicken Fight. It is enough to activate the bonus to trigger the spinning of the globe. It will show which game the player has won. Thanks to the numerous mini-games this slot is exciting.

Ghost Buster has 3 exciting mini-games. The best of all is considered a Possession Session. In this game, one must enter a room that is filled with bewitched objects. The player is looking for bonuses. Here you can win 5 multipliers if there are no ghosts in the way. Other minigames in Ghost Buster are called Scare Stairs and Psychic Shock Shack.

The Chest of Plenty is a pirate-themed slot machine. In the mini-game you need to search for treasure using the treasure map. This will allow you to win 2,000 times more than your bet. And the other game requires matching gems to win a number of prizes.

How to Launch the Mini-game?

Through several combinations during the gameplay it is possible to activate a mini-game. Some slot machines have more than one mini-game. In this free round players can earn more money and nice prizes. Mine-games are an opportunity not only to have fun, but also to get big winnings. 

To access such a game, you need to build a row of certain symbols. Some slots offer a special number of points to open the bonus game. Other slot machines require only one symbol. In the past, mini-games were just additional entertainment, but now they are an important part of the gameplay. 

Why Choose Slots with Mine-games?

If the slot machine has a bonus game, it is a chance for the player to get big money or multipliers. It is also an opportunity to access the closed functions of the slot.

Slot machines with the availability of bonus games allow the player to enjoy the exciting gameplay. Such games can be played anywhere and anytime. Both smartphones, tablets and PCs are suitable for this.

How to Earn with Mine-games?

Bonus games give the player the opportunity to win a lot of credits. This includes multiplying winnings, breaking the jackpot, which is associated with a mini-game. Users also use their winnings in bonus games to cover failures in the slot. In order to continue playing with the same bet, it is better not to abandon passing the mini-games.

What Other Mine-games are There?

Wheel is a favorite game of many users. This is a great game that many virtual casino platforms can offer. It is distinguished by its simple rules. The colored circle on the screen is divided into parts. These parts are adjustable and the more there are, the higher the chances of winning. 

Blackjack is a game that requires strategic thinking and stress resistance. In order to understand the whole idea of the game, you need to play for a while. Here you need to score 21 points, if the player scores more, he loses. 

Keno is similar to a lottery, where people choose numbers from 1 to 40 and place bets. At the beginning of the game, a playing field of 40 squares appears. Playing  real money MineGames is very easy. You need to choose your 10 favorite numbers. The game highlights 10 numbers after the player presses the bet button. If the number matches the player’s chosen number, the user wins. 

How to Choose a Mini-game with a Withdrawal?

There is often a lot of demand for mini-games among experienced gamers. But new users will not find it difficult to understand their specifics. When choosing a bonus game you need to take into account:

  • ease to operate the slot;
  • theme;
  • rules for betting and calculating winnings;
  • additional features;
  • the promised payout.

Quality gameplay means a lot. If it is attractive and clear, the more fun and interesting the mini-game seems. 

Reliable online casinos offer only proven free games. Gambling fans will be able to appreciate all the possibilities of such games. After all, they not only entertain, but also add to the chances of an incredible win.

There are a huge number of such games, and their purpose depends on the theme of the slot. You need to make sure that you understand all the rules. This will help you win faster. Testing your luck in slot machines is a good idea, but it is better to use mini-games as well. If you are going to win, then you should do it with all the offers and opportunities that slot machines provide.


How To Play MineGames

How To Play MineGames

If you had access to a computer as far back as the early 2000s and used the Microsoft operating system, you’ll remember the minesweeper game from back then. We’re sure memories from back then are beginning to settle in, like how much you will repeat playing a level because of the mines you would mistakenly hit.

The software provider Betsolutions has brought an identical game to Minesweeper that places you in front of a minefield. And just like Minesweeper, you learn how to play Mines to try and reveal all of the tiles in the grid until you win or land on a mine, no complicated casino terminology involved, nothing that requires from you more than having fun while playing.

The only fundamental difference between Minegames and Mines is that the player can control the settings in Minegames; you can choose the number of mines you want to have in the grid.

If you have ever played Minegames, you won’t have any issues knowing how to play Mines casino games with this guide. Let’s get right into it.

How To Play Mines Casino Game

The Minegames casino game follows the gaming pattern of Minesweeper, making use of a five-by-five grid gaming area. This five-by-five grid contains 25 opaque tiles the player has to reveal to either win or lose. So. here’s how to play Minegames casino game:

  1. Place a wager

Since you’re playing Minegames for real money, you must place a wager. Depending on the online casino you play at, you can find the buttons for choosing the wager amount at any position on the screen. The lowest amount allowed as a  wager is $0.1, and the maximum amount depends on the online casino. Click on the “-” or “+” to either decrease or increase your wager.

  1. Choose the number of mines

One perk that comes with the game is that you get to choose the number of mines you want, by clicking the “Mines number” button on whichever part of the screen. The highest number of mines available is 20. The number of minegames you choose will determine the game payouts. Meaning the higher the minegames, the higher your payout will be.

  1. Reveal the tiles

Once you have placed a wager and picked the number of mines, click the ‘Bet’ button and start clicking the tiles to reveal them. When you start clicking the tiles, the tile will reveal one of two symbols; depending on how lucky you are, you might reveal a bomb or any other symbol chosen by the game, like a diamond.

When you reveal a diamond, you win a payout, adding to your payout value on the screen. You can now decide to go on with the game or cash out your winnings. Deciding to continue or end the game is a tough decision, especially when you pick a lot of mines, and remember the higher your mines, the higher the payout.

Strategies For Playing Mines Casino Game

As with any other games available in a casino, employing a strategy is essential when learning how to play Mines. Although there isn’t much of a strategy to playing Minegames, using these tips can increase your chances of winning and the total prize.

  • Set a bankroll

Setting a gambling bankroll means you set a particular amount of money you want to use for your gambling activities. Your bankroll must always be the amount you are comfortable with losing. When you have a gambling bankroll, you can always stick to that budget and not just bet without accounting for it. You can’t go bankrupt with a bankroll, and you’ll always caution yourself to stop after exhausting the bankroll.

  • Know when to stop

One major strategy you can always use is knowing when to stop. Knowing when to stop after winning enough cash prizes or when to stop after a losing streak is advisable. After correctly revealing the tiles and winning the cash prize, you can always want to reveal another tile, but if you reveal a tile and it turns out to be a bomb, that will result in you losing all of your winnings. If you keep losing each round and have exhausted the gambling bankroll, you should stop immediately and play another time.

Final Thoughts

We hope you relive your old memories of Minesweeper by learning to play Minegames casino using this guide. Visit to play the Mines casino game.

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How to Play Mines FAQs

What is the RTP in the Mines casino game?

The Mines casino game has a return to player percentage of 97%.

What is the lowest amount required to play Mines casino games?

Most online casinos allow a minimum wager of $0.010 for all players, and the maximum wager depends on the online casino.


The Best MinesGames Gambling Casino

The Best MinesGames Gambling Casino

The best casino games generally all have a few things in common – chiefly, they’re simple to learn and fun to play. And, if that sounds good to you, we’ve got you covered!

Our team of experts have compiled their top recommendations for the best online casinos and sites that host one or more versions of MineGames.

These are premium quality hubs we can vouch for, and best of all, most of them let you test their games for free before you decide whether to lay down your hard-earned dough.

Mines & Minesweeper Through the Ages

Infused with a dose of casino fun originating from some of the top crypto casinos, Mines is found at some of the best gambling sites around, as arcade-style casino games continue to rise in popularity amongst players.

So what is Mines, exactly? Well, it is essentially a rip-off of the rudimentary Minesweeper. Anyone that has ever used a Windows operating system has likely popped open the game window a few times from the start menu and enjoyed a session or two.

However, something that few gamers know is that Mined-Out, a title developed by Sinclair Spectrum in 1983, was the basis for Minesweeper. The latter was later released by Microsoft in 1990.

Mined-Out and other Minesweeper-like games are puzzles that rely on logic and are heavily inspired by the famous board game Battleship. While Mined-Out was not the first game of its kind, it was the original computer version of this puzzle.

Bear in mind that Mines gambling games are entirely based on chance. There is no skill involved in predicting where a mine lies – your intuition and Lady Luck always have the final say.

Developers often create variations of a game to add more excitement and variety, and you’ll be glad to know that this extends to Mines too! We’ll be taking a closer look at these different versions later on in this guide.

How To Play Mines

In virtually all Mines casino games, the gameplay remains identical. In 90% of cases, these titles have a 5×5 grid, where all 25 fields have an opaque cover. Before starting each round, you, the player, must select a wager size using a bet adjuster next to the mentioned layout.

Once you have selected your bet amount, click the start button and press on the fields that you believe hold non-mine symbols. These are usually diamonds, but they can be whatever each provider decides they should be.

Each uncovered diamond boosts your multiplier, and after each successful hit, you get the option to collect your winnings and walk away. You can continue trying to reveal diamonds on the grid, but you risk unknowingly choosing one of the three bombs that lay on the 5×5 setup. If that happens, you lose your stake.

So, there is not much difference between playing Mines as a casino game and the original Minesweeper on Windows.

Pros of Playing Mines Gambling Games
  1. Provable Fairness Mines casino games are Provably Fair and built on blockchain technology, which makes it possible for you to confirm the fairness and randomness of each round. This is a unique feature of crypto games.How Provably Fair WorksHOW PROVABLY FAIR WORKSProvably Fair algorithms make it possible to verify the randomness of each round’s outcome. You can verify the latter by obtaining the seed values of the game in encrypted hash form and running the codes on a Provably Fair checker. Most MineGames have their own verifying tools, but you can also use third-party sites like and
  2. Easy to learn and play MineGames Gambling is a simple and straightforward game that you can learn to play in seconds. Unlike other casino games which have a lot of rules and features, learning how to play mines is as easy as falling off a log. You only need to set your bet and click on the grids to reveal diamonds or mines. The simplicity of the game also makes it suitable for players of all levels, including beginners.
  3. You can cash out at any time MineGames casino games give you the freedom to decide when to stop playing, meaning you can collect your winnings and end a round at any point. You don’t have to wait until you’ve uncovered all the tiles. After each successful stint, the game gives you the option to collect your wins or proceed. If you decide to cash out, the round ends and you’re awarded the amount you’ve already won. You can also choose to continue playing for a chance to unlock bigger prizes if you’re feeling lucky.
  4. You can adjust the grid size and number of mines This is yet another example of how MineGames gambling gives you complete control of the game. The games allow you to increase or decrease the grid size by adjusting the settings. For example, the MineGames: Dare2Win game by Hacksaw Gaming presents you with four options; 3×3, 5×5, 7×7, and 9×9. The settings also allow you to customise the number of mines on the grid. You can choose to add one, two, three, or four mines to a 3×3 grid, for instance.Usually, selecting more mines increases the prize multipliers, which translates to a higher payout for each non-mine tile you uncover. This high-risk high-reward model essentially means that your payout is proportional to the risk you’re willing to take.
  5. Flexible stake range MineGames gambling games have a very flexible stake range, making them suitable for players of all levels. In Mines: Mine Games | luckycola, for example, you can bet as little as £0.20 per round, and the options run all the way to £1,000.00. Your current bet is displayed on the bottom of the game board, and you can adjust it before each round by clicking on the v/ʌ buttons.
  6. Low house-edge MineGames casino games tend to have a high RTP and low house edge. For example, the theoretical RTP of the Mines gambling game by Spribe is 97%, translating to a 3% house edge. The payout rate of most casino slots falls between 94% and 96.50%, which makes MineGames a better option since you have a higher chance of winning.
  7. Security MineGames gambling games are mostly found at crypto casinos, which offer more security to players thanks to Blockchain technology. The cryptographic nature of these sites makes it hard for hackers and other malicious third parties to access your personal data or compromise your account. Moreover, you can choose to play anonymously, which is almost impossible at traditional casinos.
  8. Enjoy Minesweeper games in different versions MineGames casino games come in many exciting versions. The availability of several options allows you to explore the different variants and choose the one that suits you best. You can also switch between the available versions to spice things up.

Cons of Playing Mines Gambling Games

  1. MineGames gambling is a chance-based game Mines casino games are games of chance. Unlike skill-based games like poker, the outcome of a game round in Mines is determined by chance. Usually, these games use random number generators (RNG) to pick the winning patterns for each round. This means that you can’t use any skills or strategies to tip the odds in your favour and boost your chances of winning.
  2. Some versions are not provably fair While most Mines games are Provably Fair, it’s not unusual to come across some casinos offering the regular versions of the game. These variations don’t have the features required to verify the randomness using a probably fair checker. However, this doesn’t mean that the games aren’t fair since they’re tested and certified for fairness by independent auditors like GLI, iTech Labs, and TST Global.
  3. You risk losing money There’s always the risk of losing money when you’re playing mines gambling games. Gambling is naturally risky, and you’re not guaranteed of winning since the results are determined by sheer luck. To minimise this risk, we advise players to always have a budget in mind before commencing your playing session. Finally, stick to your budget whether you win or lose, and make sure that it is an amount that you can afford to play with.
  4. Mines casino games can be addictive It’s easy to get carried away when you’re having fun. Therefore, we recommend that you use reality checks to keep track of your session. You can find these settings on the responsible gaming page of your casino.

Different Versions of MineGames

As we mentioned above, various top game developers have created their own variations of Mines. We’ve taken a closer look at the most popular ones below.

1. Mines: Dare 2 Win

Hacksaw Gaming are the brains behind Dare2Win, which was released on March 3rd, 2022. This version of Mines features a house edge of only 2% (RTP 98%) and accepts bets from $0.2 to a stunning $1,000. Its max win potential is 1,000x your stake.

To see if this game tickles your fancy, try it out for free at one of the casinos recommended above!

Play Mines: Dare 2 Win at Casumo

Turbo Mines

Turbo Mines was released in May 2021 by Turbo Games to great success, with the underrated and little-known game provider focusing on delivering future-oriented, cutting-edge products that utilise Provably Fair algorithms.

The house edge here is 5% (RTP 95%), accepting bets from $0.1 to $100. It has an unlisted max exposure, though, so we cannot confirm how much this title can potentially yield in prizes.


BGaming’s Minesweeper was one of the first provider-based Mines gambling games to be launched online, showing up in casino lobbies in March 2017. It features a base 3×2 grid that can expand to 6×15. The lowest wager you can make on this layout is $1 per round, and the highest is $100.

In addition, Minesweeper’s house edge drops to 1.6% (RTP 98.4%) and also has 1,150 winning paths.


Spribe, the inventor of the Aviator Crash gambling game, boasts a portfolio that chiefly consists of Provably Fair titles, poker-inspired, and skill-based games.

The house edge of Spribe’s Mines casino game is 3% (RTP 97%), and it allows a betting range from $0.1 to $100, as well as a maximum win potential of $10.000.

Mines Gambling Strategy, Tips & Tricks

Unfortunately, there’s no surefire way to win at any version of Mines every time you play. The results of all games listed above are completely random, so it’s impossible to predict where the hidden bombs are with complete certainty.

Therefore, the approach most veteran gamblers prefer is to play conservatively. We recommend:

  1. using auto-play and setting low cash-out/collect multipliers, ones below 2x;
  2. placing a wager below $5;
  3. choosing the second cash-out wager to be a smaller amount than the profit from the first one; and
  4. knowing when to stop.

Since Minesweeper gambling gives you such terrific odds of staying out of the red, it is wise to settle for modest wins. Trust us, these pile up, so think long-term. We don’t advise chasing massive multipliers, trying to clear the board and snagging all its diamonds, as the risk of losing your accumulated funds is just too sizeable.

As with any casino game, you can utilise betting patterns (such as the Martingale, Paroli, and D’Alembert systems) on your Mines game gambling sessions. That said, we find this to be unwise. Our opinion is guided by the dangers these schemes bring with them, as an unlucky streak can put you in a financial hole from which there is no exit. So, it is best to avoid them and rely on your good fortune and instincts instead.

Remember, any tactics that you’re used to when playing the original Window’s Minesweeper don’t apply here! Operators will always make things as challenging as possible for players to make winnings that much harder to land. That said, if you keep the above tips in mind, your chances of success may increase considerably.

Other Game That We Recommend

Nowadays, slots and live dealer games with real croupiers are huge favourites among casino players. If you’re looking for something different, you’ll definitely love Mine Games , and luckycola.

These games have been the backbone of the Provably Fair genre for almost a decade and have pioneered crypto gambling overall. Until a few years ago, most online casinos did not accept Bitcoin and altcoin wagers. Thus, crypto fanatics had to play the above-mentioned options, helping them cultivate a massive following with the blockchain community.

What’s more, you can try out live casino games for free right here at Top10-CasinoSites! No registration is required, either, so you can sharpen your table skills without putting any money on the line.