Common Side Bets You Can Find in Baccarat Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Common Side Bets You Can Find in Baccarat Mines Games Easy Win Casino

Baccarat facilitates an extraordinary diversity of additional betting options, so much so that available side wagers differ vastly depending on what variation you play and where you play it. What follows is a smorgasbord of side wagers you can find in the game of baccarat, including at online casinos.

 Side Bets on Pairs

 All Black/All Red

 Big and Small

 Royal Match

 Matching Dragon

 Lucky Bonus

 Lucky 8 and Unlucky 8

 Egalite Bets

 Dragon Bonus


1. Additional Options

Apart from the above-listed side wagers, baccarat offers several additional options to side bettors who seek greater thrills and bigger payouts. Some are specific to concrete variations of the game and may be unavailable to players from certain locations.

2. Panda 8

Panda 8 side bets pay at odds of 25 to 1 whenever the side you back, Player or Banker, wins with a three-card total that adds up to eight.

3. Three-Card 6

Three-Card 6 is similar to Panda 8 to a certain extent. It wins at odds of 8 to 1 if either the Banker or the Player receives a three-card total of six. The payout increases to a whopping 100 to 1 if both sides get three-card totals of six when the round finishes.

4. Dragon 7

Dragon 7 side bets can earn you a 40-to-1 payout when the Banker side wins the round with a three-card total of seven points.

5. Double 8

Double 8 side bets are pretty much self-explanatory and partially resemble egalite wagers on the 8/8 tie as they win whenever the Player and the Banker side both have totals of 8 at the end of a round. However, the standard payout is significantly lower at 15 to 1.

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