How the Online Mines Games Rule Works

How the Online Mines Games Rule Works

When available, La Partage takes effect when you bet on even-money selections and the ball settles in the zero pocket. Rather than losing your entire wager as you normally would, the dealer will collect only half of the bet and give you back the other half.

The La Partage rule essentially cuts down your losses on even-money wagers to 50% when the zero lands. Here is an illustrative example to show you how this works.


  1. You place a $50 wager on the high selection which covers numbers 19 through 36 included

2. The ball ends up landing on zero, which obviously does not belong to the category of high numbers

3. You recoup $25 of your lost bet and the dealer collects the rest

Be advised that a variation of this rule known as ‘surrender’ takes effect at some double-zero tables in the United States whenever the ball finds its way into the 0 or 00 pocket. Players again lose half on their even-money bets and recoup the rest. This brings down the house edge from 5.26% to a more tolerable 2.70%.

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