Mines Games Casino Does Bonus Buy Improve RTP?

Mines Games Casino Does Bonus Buy Improve RTP?

The amount required to pay for the bonus buy feature is game-specific but typically ranges from 30x to 150x the base stake. In other words, players who normally risk a dollar per spin would have to spend $30 to $150 to automatically unlock their bonus rounds. As you can see, we are not exactly talking about chump change here.

Using this functionality is obviously not cheap but it is all a matter of high risk versus high returns. This is because most slots would usually yield their highest payouts during bonus games and free spins. With that said, the winnings generated during bonus rounds often do not cover the cost of the bonus buy feature.

 Testing Bonus Buy in Golden Catch Megaways

 Higher RTP with Bonus Buy? Yes, It Is Possible!

Who Should Use Bonus Buy?

The bonus buy feature could be a welcome addition to reel spinners’ gameplay provided that they satisfy one of several criteria. We believe you might find it useful if you belong to the following three categories of slot fans.

  • Players who prefer instant gratification – It is all a matter of how you like to play the slots. If you are the type of player who craves jumping right into the bonus action without any delays or deferment, perhaps you should consider taking advantage of the bonus buy occasionally.
  • Players who lack the time to trigger the special features manually – Some slot mavens prefer to enjoy shorter betting sessions during their brief snack breaks or daily commute. With high volatility slots, there is no guarantee you will land the triggering symbol combination within half an hour or so. The bonus buy can come in handy if you are short on time and cannot wait for one of those free spins rounds to hit normally.
  • Players with large enough bankrolls – Buying bonus rounds can be rather expensive and as such, is a viable option only for spinners with bankrolls large enough to sustain the risk. A single feature trigger costs approximately 100x your base wager. Even if you are playing at the lowest betting level and risk $0.20 per spin, purchasing a bonus will still cost you $20. You can squander a $100 or $200 bankroll in next to no time at this rate.

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