Mines Games Tips Online Craps Statistics

Mines Games Tips Online Craps Statistics

Craps is rarely on offer at online casinos because it does not translate all that well to the virtual format. The classic dice game recently made its way to live dealer casinos powered by Evolution Gaming, whose version allows players to take advantage of the so-called dynamic statistics feature.

Statistic panels hang on the studio walls behind the craps dealer, keeping you up to date with the bets fellow players are placing in real time. Additionally, the live craps interface features a roll history in the lower left section of the screen where you can see what numbers have come up in prior rounds.

Statistics Panels Are Useless in Casino Gaming, Here Is Why

Many online casino players gravitate toward games that share their recent winning outcomes because they believe this information can help them make better-informed decisions about future results.

Some would go as far as sizing their wagers based on previous results of dice rolls or roulette spins. This approach is beyond faulty and only ends up costing players more money over the long haul.

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