Mines Games Tips So Should You Use the Gamble Feature?

Mines Games Tips So Should You Use the Gamble Feature?

The answer to this question largely depends on your personal goals and preferences as a slot player. Using the feature is a good idea provided that you are looking to add extra excitement to your slot play and potentially increase your profits. A 100-credit win can turn into a 200-credit, 400-credit, or even 800-credit win on a good day.

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Drawbacks of Using the Gamble Feature

As exciting as it is, the gamble feature is not entirely without downsides. The biggest drawback associated with this functionality has to do with the fact it can dramatically increase the slots’ variance. For rookie spinners unfamiliar with this term, variance reflects the level of risk inherent to different slot games.

On the positive side of things, taking advantage of the gamble feature from time to time will slow down your speed of play. As a result, you will go through fewer spins at a disadvantage and the house edge will not wipe out your slot bankroll as quickly.

Increased variance would lead to the opposite. With the gamble feature, you will earn money more swiftly but you will also lose it more quickly since you will gamble your profits successfully only half of the time at best.

No reasonable person will advocate using the gamble feature after every single winning spin. Our recommendation is to use it in moderation and preferably on smaller wins to protect your bankroll and extend the longevity of your gaming sessions. Last but not least, you should know when to call it quits. Do not be too greedy and collect your profits after several consecutive doubles or else you risk losing everything you have earned on the last spin.

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