Online Mines Games Blackjack Side Bets with Lowest House Edge

Online Mines Games Blackjack Side Bets with Lowest House Edge

Blackjack beats all other house-banked card games in terms of popularity by a large margin, mainly due to its simple rules, straightforward strategy, and low house edge. In addition to these merits, there is a proliferation of side bets players can make to add more excitement to their blackjack sessions.

Some of these wagers have the potential to return substantial payouts for relatively small stakes which further increases their appeal. However, the extra excitement comes at a cost since side bets have significantly higher house edges than those in the main game.

Casino operators constantly invent new side wagers in an effort to attract more action to their blackjack tables, but most of these additional betting options are of little to no value to players. Our objective in this article is to sift out the blackjack side bets with the highest theoretical return and explain how they work.

We wrote this article on the premise that readers understand the basic objective and rules of the game. We recommend rookies take a step back and explore our detailed guide to blackjack before they start experimenting with any side wagers.

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