Why Statistics Panels Are Useless in Online Casino Mines Games Tips

Why Statistics Panels Are Useless in Online Casino Mines Games Tips

Gambling has changed significantly over the past two decades with the advent of online casinos. Players can now enjoy their favorite casino games from the comfort of their surroundings on any device they wish, be it desktop or mobile.

Leading software providers are constantly incorporating newer and better features into their releases in an effort to improve the gameplay and make it more interactive. Online casino games are bursting at the seams with great functionalities that enable gamblers to tailor the gameplay to their individual preferences and closely monitor their betting sessions.

One feature you can find in all online casino games without exception is the statistics panel. As the name indicates, it displays detailed information about the results of past game rounds, showing players prior winning outcomes. The question we shall tackle in today’s article is do statistics panels offer any value to players and if not, what are the reasons for their uselessness?

Statistic Panels in Different Casino Games

Statistics panels and result billboards are built into the interface of online casino games, showing players the previous outcomes for a given virtual table. There is usually the option to deactivate and hide the panel if you find it distracting. The information displayed inside is game-specific as you shall see shortly.

Statistics panels are not to be mistaken for the game history feature incorporated in most online casino games. Unlike statistics panels, game history is available only when you play for real money and is absent from the games’ demo versions. It shows your session results in terms of profits, losses, and the overall amount wagered.

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